The DAO Consensus Summit in Anapa Gathered More than 600 Guests and More than 5,000 Online Participants!

Place/Date: – July 7th, 2021 at 11:06 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: DAO Consensus Summit

On June 24 – 29, Anapa hosted the Anapa DAO Consensus Summit – a major event in the world of digital economy and blockchain, which was attended by more than 600 offline-guests and more than 5,000 online participants who joined the live broadcast.

The first day was held in the style of informal offline pre-party. The next three days were the official days of the Summit for a wide audience with an online broadcast. The final one was a closed offline event for community leaders.

The programme of the Summit included:

  • The Community leaders’ speeches
  • Workshops with the top-managers of head directions of DAO Consensus: Marketplace, Accelerator, DAO Wallet, DAO Academy, Business Club, Ecotechnopark and others
  • A bulk of Networking
  • A motivating training session from a psychologist and business-coach Natalia Grace
  • Teambuilding session and extreme practices with Alexander Blagov
  • Entertainment programme: a concert, a disco party, fireworks, fireshow, ‘Banderas’ cover band and other performers, pixel show, magic tricks and a bunch of other shows.

The speakers talked about possibilities of the digital ecosystem, the EcoTechnoPark – a village of the future, a smart contract, modern blockchain protocols, the best investment channels for entering the crypto market, NFT, tokenization of real estate, the possibilities of internationally tokenized promotion companies, etc. And of course, the recent and most welcome news from the DAO Consensus Community.

Leading experts also shared their opinions on the market situation, talked about the prospects for money-making in a blockchain-based ecosystem and introduced participants to the opportunities of the digital market.

The Speakers at the Summit Were

  • Ilya Churakov, founder of DAO Consensus
  • Vyacheslav Nazarov, co-founder of DAO Consensus
  • Sergey Savich, business coach, coach of millionaires
  • Viktor Zhukov, DAO Consensus CCO, Head of DAO Wallet Direction
  • Maxim Shainsky, famous traveller, TV presenter, business coach
  • Renat Mansurov, venture investor, entrepreneur, member of the DAO Consensus Board of Directors
  • Alexander Blagov, expert #1 in extreme practices in the Russian Federation, coach of entrepreneurs
  • Serik Torekesh, top-leader of DAO Consensus
  • Ivan Matorin, President of DAO Consensus Business Clubs
  • Raisa Malysheva, Head of DAO Accelerator, review and launching of business projects
  • Rodion Ryzhenko, Head of DAO Marketplace
  • Nadezhda Dragan, Head of Education Department, DAO Academy
  • Dmitry Solovyov, IT Director, Networking Platform
  • Nikolay Datsun, Head of the International Direction in DAO Consensus
  • Natalia Grace, business coach, psychologist, consultant

The Summit was organized by DAO Consensus, a global business community, where each partner has a share in the entire network’s profit. DAO Consensus is based on smart contracts, where every transaction is transparent, and the owners of the community’s management tokens can influence its decisions with their voice.

The Following Organizations Acted as the Summit Partners


Gooooup, Platinum Software Development, MIG.Business, community, Akintsev & Partners, Crypton (& Studio), NeoMaxs, NEIRONIX.

Russell Bedford IAS, CONSBIT

COINSTELEGRAM, be[in]crypro,, NEWCONOMY, kingdom of kaprika, BitNovosti, BITCOURIER, Altcoinlog, BEST INVEST BLOGS, CryptoNewsZ, PROSTOCOIN,, freedman club, COINDATAFLOW.

In the coming autumn, from Sept 30 to Oct 4, a new DUBAI DAO CONSENSUS SUMMIT will be held in Dubai!

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