The Cryptocurrency Market Implosion in September 2020 | How Low Will Bitcoin Go? | Buy The Dip??

Is now a good time to buy bitcoin? How low can the bitcoin price go in September 2020? Let’s discuss the latest cryptocurrency news as well as how to proceed …


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  2. Got coinbase, some bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cosmos. Alao utilizing Jeff Browns the near future report for some insight into the regular market as well. Hes pretty epic. Imo

  3. Can we talk about XRP? If you're hodling and it goes up soon, is it a good time to continue to hodl? Or should i keep putting any gains into BTC? I usually take gains and convert to BTC. Just because im new and i just started with not much to invest up front.

  4. It’s not all about buying bitcoin, instead of doing that long term investment like keeping bitcoin in your wallet, why not trade with it and gain more profits. When you understand the market with the help of an expert broker you will be able to make more profits. And could even make a lots of profits within s couple of days.

  5. Charts are useless with Bitcoin as their really isn’t enough history. There is also too many altcoins/tokens/ICO/DeFi our whatever crypto terminology you use that is subject misrepresentation of their value. Even Bitcoin is not functioning as intended as it is subject to the same forces as the general stock market. Market drops, Bitcoin drops, Gold goes up Bitcoin goes up. US dollar goes up Bitcoin crashes. What’s. the point?

  6. Few months ago I saw an interview on Tv about how a victim who was scammed by HQbroker and couple more, and I had invested over $100k and they have supposedly made me over $1million but now they wanted me to send them more money to pay the Chinese Gov’t taxes before we could get the money back to me. I only had $15k at the time so i sent it to them so that we could get some money released by the Chinese gov’t and then I would send more money to get more money released. I think it seems very fishy that they would require me to pay taxes upfront before releasing money. For months I communicated with Ross Malone(Account manager) there, and he seemed so nice and caring, but after the last payment, he has gone silent and isn’t returning my emails. Now, granted he might be out or sick, but this is seemingly unusual. On reporting my case to Moore Finance Recovery on (352) 888-4615 , they advised me not to send any money to HQbroker and helped me to get the money I had already sent back. Although not all my money was recovered.

  7. "Past performance is not indicative of future performance." Why do people say this? Of course past performance is indicative of future performance. Past performance is not a guarantor of future performance.

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  9. Lol Some people are losing hope in Bitcoin because of the Fall in price, I see this an as opportunity to Accumulate more Assets and wait for the next Bull Run to happen, I understand the market crash is the perfect time to make money, but how are some brokers able to double their profits within a short period of time, do they stand a better chance than others? A particular trader made my earnings increased drastically from 2 Bitcoin to 7 Bitcoin in just 3 weeks and some days. i'm talking about Jacob Morgan, check him out and thank me later! He is always one step ahead of other traders, he fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. You can reach out to him through Tellegram (@JacobMorgan66) for any crypto related inquiries you may have for him.

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  11. Bitcoin will go higher and I even see it above 15K. The best thing to do now is to trade what we are holding in our wallet. People forget that in July 2017 Bitcoin dropped 20% in less than 10 days. At the end of August 2017 it again dropped 30% before going Parabolic!I think that we are really going to be shocked in the very very near future when we see how little good crypto is actually available. This bull run will show us the true amount and value of these coins. Get your ducks in order before it's too late. The window of opportunity is closing very very quickly. As for me, Bryant Miller helps me trade and so far my crypto portfolio has been on a steady increase. He can be reached on te[egram*(@bryantmillertrade)

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