The Bullish Case For Bitcoin. We May Never See Sub 9k Again… DO NOT WAIT!

Bitcoin is in a bull market. I am not waiting for a dip. We have spent a lot of time in this range. Check out Murad’s thoughts. #bullishwithmurad. Follow us on …


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  1. I remember when it hit $20,000. Everyone said we would never be going lower. One year later, just over $3000..
    No one knows, there are no experts, bitcoin is going to do whatever it’s going to do. But it will go lower. Just like it will pass $20,000 one day.

  2. It's only time. Time is a funny thing. Never sell yer sh@tcoins at a loss. If you need it to pay rent, you've already overextended yourself. If the sh@tcoin zeros you made a bad bet. Eat it and stay crypto. Our time will come.

  3. I don't believe in past performance as i once did…

    exchanges like bybit , bitmex etc make waaaay too much money holding the market back. we never had these type of companies in the past

    Bakkt may even do the same thing as when cftc etc started in 2017 and we are just in that accumulation period for those users , so those users can dump and make money both by shorting and dumping.

  4. I'm content buying sub $10k. I dont believe it will go below $9k. Sept will be $15k.
    Years from now when I'm a multimillionaire I will tell my dog I got the bulk of my bitcoin for under $10k. Love the updates fellas!

  5. Boom! BTC drops, big smile, buy, continue to my prospecting site to find my gold. This time next year I bet my BTC will still be worth more than my gold.

  6. Bitcoin is so rare that people dump shit loads onto the market. It's so rare that mainstream media are talking about it (markup phase). Bitcoin is so rare that I can buy as much as I want. Hmmm raaaare

  7. hey altcoin daily,my respect for your videos,watching you whole the time.i have one crypto question.what you think about first crypto ETF,but seems like thats not BTC,did you heard about project Aidos Kuneen?online banking,ETF coming the rly crypto bussines.maybe would be interesting for your to reasearch that one ;))

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