The BEST Way To Make Money in Crypto!! [Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team, Today I answer your questions! Many of you guys have been commenting asking what the best way to make money in cryptocurrency is.


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  1. Can u plz do a vedio about this.u get lots of referels from that.
    I am a Crypto currency trader.lost lot of money with trading in electronium.but now I recovering my loss in trading with investing in Westland I complete 124 days in Westland gives 1 percent per day.profit is very low but it's really paing.plz try this with minimum investment. I try with 10 dollers in the starting then I invest 100 dollers.but now the minimum investment is 20 dollers.its real and less risk than trading after 110 days no risk .because after 110 days we get our full amount of investment .u also get 10 percent of your referel person's investment

  2. It is saddening that I ever relented investing my bitcoin a long time ago,when I was just hearing about Mr Dave I actually emailed Mr Dave 2 months ago, but I was nervous and ran away because I was not really sure and was afraid of losing the little I had, it wasn't just the right time . I invested 0.2 bitcoin last week and it won me 0.7 today, it is actually not so much but the payout succeeds what I have ever gained hodling. He is on instagram @davebitcoininvestor or email him

  3. Nice video, subbed….I’ve been trading to build up my token stash, I have a set amount of tokens I want at all times and anything above that is profit to build or take off the top if I need to.

  4. this vid is a joke. Day trading….you are explaning it like its easy to do. Hoddling…. some project will never go up anymore. What the f are you talking about dude.

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  6. Has anyone really made profit from someone else trading or managing an account for them. I'm talking about Lee Wan's program specifically.

  7. Hola I ,am ROCK SOLID with the way that you expressed Your artistry within and of yourown distinct unique passionate KnowledgeLong Term is THE only way.gracias STICKS WIZZARD DRAGON

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  10. Great channel. Thanks for the insightful content. Can you do a follow up video, that is similar to this that would apply to 2021 and going forward for the next ten years? Does it make more sense to hold or take profits, that kind of information in your opinion of course. Thanks!

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