The #1 Most Important Bitcoin Chart.. That No One Is Watching

Will Bitcoin keep going up? Will crypto rise again? Let’s discuss the latest cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, …


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  1. Probobly In Next 2 months feds gonna do something black Swan type of thing and we will break a little bellow 20k and go back relatively fast. Of courses if its recession type of sheet probobly 16k to come

  2. Thank you for the update.. Great Analysis.. Since bitcoin is above the 200 day moving average, the important indicator to observe is th 200 week moving average. If bitcoin can go above and stay above the 200 week moving average, then that would indicate a another confirmation to buy bitcoin.

  3. Should look at RSI on the weekly too for context. Also historically RSI can remain high and chop for rally’s that last weeks. But yeah pullback may or may not come soon.

  4. the chart nobody is looking at is 50W EMA bouncing of 200W EMA. I think this whole rally is because of that. We were very close to bear-crossing 50/200 for the first time in btc history

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