The #1 Largest Bank in Japan Just Set A Date For Japan’s Cryptocurrency Launch! Cryptocurrency News

The #1 Largest Bank in Japan Just Set A Date For Japan’s Cryptocurrency Launch! MAJOR Move Coming Out Of Japan! This Daily Cryptocurrency News Online …


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  1. Why are YouTubers constantly telling people to sell link and other coins . Are they trying to stop next bill run or something!!

  2. Check Out CasinoCoin…

    The CasinoCoin foundation is already working with regulators in the Isle of Man and Malta.

    Do you not understand the relevance of this?

    When it comes to jurisdictions the Isle of Man and Malta are amongst the most respected,

    they are home to industry leaders in online gambling.

    The current circulating supply of CasinoCoin is the same as the max supply !

    There are NO MORE coins to inject into the market ! !

    Developed specifically for the heavy regulated gambling industry.

    CasinoCoin features built-in KYC and AML capabilities.

    CasinoCoin give regulated gambling operators access to an untapped source of players who have already been KYC verified.

    CasinoCoin will accelerate the use of crypto in the online gambling and gaming market.

    CasinoCoins Partner "Cammegh" is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of roulette wheels.

    The CasinoCoin Foundation and their connections to/with "PokerStars".

    They Growing organically from partnerships and live usage.

    They have On Demand Validity for online/casino's that is provided by :

    "TrustTracker"( partnership and launch with "321CryptoCasino" ) token run on the CSC blockchain.

    The CasinoCoin foundation is filled with industry leaders with YEARS of experience,built with the online casino industry in mind.

    That Features and tools have been customised to meet the needs of users, operators and regulators.

    Live with "TrustTracker"…( partnership and launch with "321CryptoCasino" )

    Crazy8Token Go Live

    CammeghGaming Go Live

    Good Gaming Go Live

    Possible listing with UpholdInc

    Possible Ledger listing

    Possible Top 5 Exchange listing

    For anyone out there who thinks the price of CasinoCoin won't go over $1,-

    Here's a little reminder.

    XRP almost hit $4 on speculation alone and XRP's supply is over 2X the total supply of CSC.

  3. In similar news, Wednesday the Central Bank of Thailand assistant governor detailed roll-out of their (already in use) CBDC, acknowledging retail adoption would hurt commercial banks. (Source: NB – Thailand commercial banks already offer great UX: minimum balance to open an account is THB 300 (10 usd), all retail transfers are instant 24/7 and without any transfer fees, cardless ATMs withdrawals by QR code, QR payment in all venues with the bank app etc.

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