T-Mobile Launches Ethereum Staking! AMAZING NEWS FOR ALTCOINS! (Theta, Binance, Solana, & Cardano)

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  1. I liked it better before Binance launched in NZ. I had to close all Liqudiy Pools and withdraw from the mining pool last month as those services were withdrawn to NZ users. This is probably why. I still get Staking so I guess that's something.


  3. Honestly who really gives a shit, ETH staking requires $42,000 dollars of ETH to stake at current prices, can you imagine the outrage if Cardano or any other crypto required so much to stake, fees are same, project is centralized and the coin has no cap, and donโ€™t give me burning deflationary garbage when unlimited coins can be minted, ETH is going down in a few years, only a matter of time.

  4. Early CARDANO investor. Cardano is my 8 year retirement plan. That or Iโ€™ll still be flipping burgers in my 80โ€™s. Fingers crossed.

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