Surprise! Big News Happening with Cryptocurrency in 2020 with Altcoins | Cryptocurrency news online

Is Visa about to launch a cryptocurrency on Ethereum? What are the latest Cardano and Tron announcements? And, what is Compound crypto and what are the …


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  3. BAT coin does well because it is absolutely awesome… Value for them.. Value for advertisers.. Value for users… You can't beat all round harmonious relationships within a business model.. It's powerful… BAT will be a giant ?

  4. Maybe just a little while ago ripple stated they would be making a bridge with ethereum and visa is using somethings that's been created using both together.

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  6. So excited about the Cardano news!! 😀 But does this mean that people will be able to buy Cardano on Coinbase aswell or just use their platform for staking?

  7. Bro why is with everything Apollo is doing and has done you never talk about them ? A national payment platform for Zimbabwe which is partnered with CBZ Zimbabwe's biggest bank, as well as the announcement of United Allied States. All this news and you don't ever talk about it, why is that may i ask ?

  8. I think everyone should be carful, the same thing happened before the impact of corona… the prices went up to make the markets look “promising” to then dump.. hugely. A second wave seems to be on the rise as the same happened with previous pandemics. Lockdown has literally just been lifted and they will blame that on another crash.

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