Strong Hands Aren’t Selling Bitcoin. So Who Is?

Will Clemente, author of the BTC by WC3 newsletter, breaks down the current state of Bitcoin’s on-chain activity and explains why he believes the market is in a mid-cycle lull rather than turning bearish. Show highlights: 

  • why Will is not worried about a bear market
  • what indicators make Will believe BTC is in a mid-cycle consolidation
  • who is selling and driving the recent market downturn
  • why Will thinks the unwinding of derivatives is a significant factor in Bitcoin’s move below $30K
  • what Will believe institutions are waiting on before entering the market again
  • how Bitcoin cycles can be broken down into mini hype-cycles
  • how long-term holders are acting on-chain
  • the difference between long-term holders versus short-term holders during bear and bull markets
  • why Will is interested in finding data on Latin American Bitcoin users
  • how long the consolidation process might take
  • what metrics Will has his eyes on for the latter half of 2021

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