Stellar Lumen! ? Bull Run Coming? [Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin/Altcoin News]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Let’s talk Stellar Lumen. Like. Subscribe. Stellar & Robinhood …


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  1. I bought Stellar at .04 last year before the run up after I researched it . I felt Stellar had a great idea and I only wish I would of bought even more back then . I'm HODLING stellar for the long term

  2. Very insightful and witty take. It seems as if crypto currencies/blockchain/distributed ledger is the future, which is becoming increasingly less and less debatable and the two major players in cross border remittances are XLM & XRP. I one held both would not he or she have that entire space//sector cornered?

  3. STELLAR ; I am planning to invest today in STELLAR and I like to use LAND LEDGER to borrow against property in FRANCE AND I do not work so this is my best bet :can you respond to that ; I am retired :

  4. have you tried
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  5. I don't have any stellar yet, as I keep pumping LCS which is a strong coin and the best bit is it yields dividends every 3 months 🙂

  6. sir amazing, you have not mentioned about carbon credit tokenization a niche area stellar in association with verdatim is building – it is too unique value proposition – so what you do you think the price of stellar say in 2 years time ? any guess sir ?

  7. Ive just started my crypto i spread $170 across 8 different coins (steller is one) to see what happens and get a feel for everything only been on 6 days but we all start somewhere, im going to invest everytime i sell an art piece investing more and more each week…i want to thank you mate for making these videos if you didnt, people like me wouldnt have a clue what to 5 years time if i have made money i'll be sending some your way to say thanks for sharing all your knowledge,thanks for your dedication in researching info and making videos ive been watching every day

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