SpellFire: The Most THRILLING Crypto Game EVER!! 🤯(Next Axie Infinity) | Best Play-To-Earn Game

Spellfire a legendary card-based NFT game powered by #Ethereum. Unique features make this a play-to-earn game (potentially) a better Axie Infinity! Hit Like …


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  1. Great content man keep it up bro
    Really appreciate these blue chips your showing us to get in on before the rest of world does. By then may be too late haha
    Gotta get in do it now

  2. Millions of players(as said in promo), but only 4K followers in twitter? Card game for P2E – can't fly, coz we have some of this kind. ETH – not best idea for now(may be after ETH 2.0)
    3D games + metavers, is the way. not this Spell Fire.
    i'm very very sceptic about this game. But good luck to everyone, who interested to buy this.
    (i'm gamer for over 30 years)

  3. My choice if between UFO and Star Atlas would be the one that it going to get a playable game out in a short well laid out timeframe. So it is UFO. Star Atlas looks sooooo good but is it going to get a playable game out for us to use or is it manifesting a great movie clip in the guise of a metaverse game???

  4. Every paid endorsement video gets a thumbs down. Every non endorsed gets a thumbs up. Love the channel just don’t agree with someone of your influence pushing products to listeners. I feel as if your disclaimers are ignored by some. They view everything you post as a great investment option.

  5. Spellfire is really breaking grounds in NFT and gaming. I love the announcement about the experience of owning in-game cards in real life. Sounds great.

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