Something Big Is Happening With Bitcoin… And It Speaks VOLUMES ;) [Crypto Market Analysis]

Let’s check out the volume compared to All Time Highs…and then compared to the 2014 bear market. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. Omg, you needed 15 minutes for this? You show 14 minutes volumes of each periods to see volume in less then 3 seconds in the bottom bar candles. wtf is this idiotic video.

  2. imagine what is happening on OTC market, not enough liquidity and volume to stop the suppression and manipulation. If there were trillions in the market this would mean a bull run, but we ain't there yet.

  3. They will never get back in, by the time people are educated on BTC ..the Retail market will be over, The Whale own this now and when and if the real money comes, we will be struggling to buy Satoshis

  4. Volume metrics mean nothing, no value. They are manipulated to the point of unreliability. Therefore, high/low volume = who cares.



    Do you have BITCOIN Already?…BITCOIN: The digital money of the future

    People have to understand that BITCOIN is a limited amount of 21 million and there are billions of people from around the world that never will be able to own a whole BITCOIN because of its scarcity. Think about it… Would you be one of them?

  6. I have noticed a upturn in emotion and feeling along the hardcore/survivors recently. At the same time many ta people are expecting another major downturn. So i believe we are between depression and disbelief in the psych of a market.

  7. you should check out dropil , they are making it easier for people to get into crypto 🙂 they have been around for over a year and are very open and easy to help people with questions 🙂

  8. Its well known in trading that volume often precedes price. We have also seen articles stating that OTC supply is running low. Therefore it makes sense that OTC volume may be spilling over into the exchanges

  9. Does anyone here know a trade manager named Mr Graham Robinson, i have been hearing a lot about him and his great strategies in trading. i am thinking on investing with him, i just want to be sure i am making the right choice.And also How can i contact him from the UK?

  10. Lots of exchanges use fake volumes! :'( it's hard to know which one to trust! I found a cool one called Nauticus Exchange and they get Australian government support! 😀 they announced their full launch for this week and the price went up by 35%

  11. Even when bitcoin is not moving forward, You can still make so much money despite the current fall in bitcoin .For me,I knew the price will run up more, then bleed off and go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, Its more like a time pattern , so i am sure that bitcoin will rise, for now all we need to do is invest what we’re Hodling and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, i stumbled upon a comment of someone who helped in increasing of Portfolio of a lady from having *4BTC to 10BTC in two months, i So i contacted him even though I was skeptical, Behold I have made 3Btc in 1 months with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *Email/hangout tradewithgihan @GMAIL. COM or whatsapp: ‪+1(914)200-‬7306 and thank me later

  12. That Guy, I wouldn't worry about those who may dump. They already have. That is why we are in a Bear Market. Pension funds and Wales don't dump. Inexperienced investors and most You tubers are still focused on the retail investor. Like the grass roots movement is what's going to bring about a new financial world order. That is the wrong focus. Individual, Joe Six Packs aren't savvy enough to change this market. Hell, most of them will not buy in when they are hit over the head with it. The game is changing. Wall Street, Equity Firms, and Family Trusts are getting in . It's a whole new scheme being played out. You are now pissing in the tall grass with the big dogs. The game is afoot. The best thing anyone can do is hold on with both hands and hope to God you are smart enough not to be taken in by the tremendous amount of Bull-Shit that's about to be pumped into the Main Stream Media. The Bid Dogs plan to take your coins. That's how the game is played. You are not supposed to acquire wealth. They don't want you in the market. They want your money. Like DAI always says, "It's time to put your big boy pants on".

  13. I actually disagree with the idea that we will extend sideways for another year or so. I think that in this case the breakout is happening much sooner than the end to the previous bear markets. This is due to a number of different factors: advertising, adoption, Venezuela, atms, lightning network, big companies changing their tune… I think that for a while these advancements and others were not having much impact individually, but now we have reached a critical mass and we are moving in the direction of a lot of accumulated momentum, and that direction strongly favors the bulls.

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