Smart Money Buying Back Into Bitcoin: Bitcoin Mining At All Time Highs!

Bitcoin breaks major resistance and breaks up above $8000. Plus: Potentially the world’s biggest bitcoin mine is said to have signed up two top corporate …


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  1. I have a major concern about the future of crypto. Let's say hyper inflation happens on USD to the extent that USD is worth almost nothing. What will happen to the crypto market if the money being used to buy/sell the currencies is worth nothing anymore? How would we convert the current market into something that makes more sense and has value? Just value crypto in it's satoshi's?

  2. Nobody puts that kind of investment into anything without a multi-year/multi-decade model for profitable returns. These bitcoin will be used as investment tools, sold at premium, and off the open market for years. Extremely bullish for Bitcoin. Add this added supply strangle to the live stock to flow chart (which everyone should google) = ? very soon

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