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Tendermint introduces Emeris: all-in-one dashboard for cross-chain crypto apps

Tendermint, an open network infrastructure provider with a focus on the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem, today introduced Emeris, a one-stop portal for all crypto apps, no matter what blockchain they run on. Starting as a non-custodial, cross-chain DeFi portal, Emeris will extend its suite of products to other tools including a mobile app and a browser extension wallet.

Blockchain Agnostic

The goal of Emeris is to integrate decentralized applications (dApps) from different blockchains. Moreover, it will provide access to various types of sector protocols, from lending and yield farming to NFT marketplaces, payment applications, data storage, and many other use-cases.

Emeris Beta

For this month’s beta launch, Emeris will initially focus on cross-chain DeFi. Emeris will provide users with a dashboard presenting a consolidated view of their crypto holdings across multiple Cosmos chains. Initially, supported chains will include Cosmos Hub,, Akash Network, IrisNet, Persistence, Osmosis, Regen Network, and Sentinel. Plans are for new chains will be regularly integrated.

In addition to its asset management capability, the Emeris dashboard comes with two flagship features:

  1. Integration of Gravity DEX. Gravity DEX (the first dApp supported) is a cross-chain decentralized exchange protocol; scheduled to launch on the Cosmos Hub on July 12th,
  2. Cross-blockchain asset transfers using Cosmos’ Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Emeris will be the first interface to feature smart IBC routing capabilities.

In the beta, the Emeris team will roll out visual design improvements and new Cosmos chain integrations. Additionally, Emeris will deliver key performance metrics, staking capabilities, along with adding support for multiple wallets (at beta launch, only the Keplr wallet is supported).

Public Launch

The scheduled public launch of Emeris is in late September 2021. At this stage, Emeris will extend support to chains outside of the Cosmos ecosystem, starting with Ethereum. This expansion will follow the Gravity Bridge implementation, a bridge tool that allows tokens to flow freely between Cosmos chains and Ethereum. In addition to supporting more chains; Emeris will provide access to new DeFi protocols beyond the Gravity DEX. Lastly, the public launch will also mark the release of the Emeris mobile wallet.

“In the past few years, blockchain maximalism — the idea that one blockchain will ‘win’ over all the others — has run rampant in many crypto communities. Yet, here at Tendermint, we have always believed that the future of crypto involves multiple interconnected blockchains, with each blockchain serving different use cases; a vision that has begun to realize recently. In recent months, there has been a rising trend of decentralized applications built on Ethereum alternatives, including sovereign Cosmos chains, layer-2 solutions like Polygon, layer-1 chains like Solana or Polkadot, and many others. Yet, numerous applications that are spreading from a single-chain to a multiple-chain ecosystem leaves crypto heavily fragmented. As a result, there’s still no easy way to access the best-decentralized applications in one place. That’s where Emeris comes in.”
– The Tendermint & Emeris Team

Tendermint introduces Emeris

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