SERIOUS DISCUSSION: How Low Will Oil Prices Go In 2020? Should I Buy Oil Or 1 Bitcoin? [Investing]

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  1. I love how people look at past charts and talk about the multiples you could have made if you bought at the bottom and sold at the top. To talk about investing your money right now in these totally uncertain times is plain stupid. The fact is the blood in the streets is going to get a lot worse and no telling how long there will be blood in the streets. . But you go head and put your money in the market . Especially with the riskiest most volatile speculative asset on the planet.

  2. ???? The Oil contract deliverable in May, has finished at -$37

    But the June contract is +$20

    You can't buy spot oil for everyone else out there. Gambling on it is hard, because there's an Oil Curve. You get rolled over into higher prices.

    Great Depression 2.0 is coming.


  3. this covid scare has caused someone on ebay to get rid of a rare vintage action figure that i wanted and couldnt find anywhere else. this scare shook them out because they needed money, and i completed my collection.

  4. BTC will reach the 4k lows we've seen last month. Crypto is a retail driven market and lots of people are losing their jobs and don't have disposable income to invest in crypto. The weekly jobs report is coming out in a few days in the states and this is going to be catastrophic. Even the Oil industry has finally reflected the truth of the market. Very few people are driving and so using gas. Many factories are shut down because of the pandemic. Despite Trump's orchestration of a deal between Russia and MBS, no one is buying let alone using oil! Crypto will follow a similar trend although not as extreme. Retail traders just don't have the money to invest right now. Brace for a huge rise in the coming days.You should contact Mrs Rose (rosemontalvossg @GMAILCOM) for more details on how to invest.

  5. There have been people calling a negative price for oil weeks ago, even though I think no one expected the drop to be this extreme. Just saying.

  6. What they dont tell you about contrarian investing is that if you fail to pick the right assets at the right time you lose big. Depending on the macroeconomic situation and asset class you invest in, it has more or less of a speculative aspect. In general, just because prices drop it doesnt mean it is clever to invest. If the prices drop due to fundamental reasons and the sentiment is bad for a reason it makes no sense to invest "just because the price dropped 50%". All these famous contrarian investors have a whole team of extremely clever and skilled people behind them and mostly also have some insider knowledge into a specific asset class or sector. For us everyday's person there is just one aspect that counts when it comes to investing: know what you invest in. Dont buy something beause it fell in price. I mean, no one that invested into airlines, cruise stocks or now oil has a serious idea about how its gonna play out yet if they picked the right investment vehicle.
    For BTC it is a different story, because the fundamentals improve massively while sentiment is bad. This is a perfect bet, yet speculative, but a risk worth taking. Same goes for industries like gaming during the crisis = sentiment is bad but fundamentals are improving = worth investing. In conjunction, take cruise stocks = sentiment is bad and fundamentals are short to mid-term very bad, long term unkown = bad pick.

  7. Never hold leveraged long term, the leverage is reset daily meaning losses are much harder to recover from. You get a kind of slippage over time and getting back to the same share price leaves you at a loss.

  8. Every time I get a check (including the stimulus deposit/check) I purchase bitcoin and other valuable altcoins!!! If and when it BTC and the others go up and don't ever come down you will regret it big time!!! Be safe you two in Lalaland!!!

  9. I bought in BTC at $17,400 in 2017 but funny thing is I still have more money now than I’ve ever had I’m my life … ?

  10. and if you pick investments to purchase in a down market
    and if you pick investments to purchase in a down market
    and if you pick investments to purchase in a down market

  11. After running out of storage, oil sellers will now give you $37 per barrel to take their oil ???

    I wish I have enough space in my fridge ?

  12. Bitcoin has seen some notable fundamental growth throughout the past week, where the price has risen to its initial point before the drastic fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, this goes to show that the outbreak has little or no effect in the price of bitcoin, making it the only currency with a high resistance level, this in mind traders have begin to flood the bitcoin market making is strength limit a little stronger than it used to be, and the best time to go into bitcoin was 11 years ago and the next best time is now, because the market is set to shoot off, and am trading with so much confidence because Jacob Morgan strategies are so accurate, i literally trade without stress and loss are to the barest minimal, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, he is one of the good traders who know how to read and understand the market and if you are planning on going into the crypto market i would give you a professional advice to contact an expert in the game to direct you. You can reach him on Telegram @JacobMorgan99 for further insight into trading profitably.

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