Ripple CEO DROPS A BOMBSHELL ? About the Future of Ripple & XRP [End of Year Price Prediction]

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, reveals Ripple’s future IPO plans, whether XRP is a security, and speculates on where XRP will be 5 years from now and 1 year …


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  1. Chain link has doubled in last 3 weeks! Ethereum is making serious gains agaiiiin… next stop within a week $5 for chainlink and $300 for Eth… DING DING DING! This will all happen if BTC hits 10400 in next couple of days…

  2. All I heard was… we gonna sell some more XRP to fund our company ventures. You'd be smart to lower your exposure and hedge your XRP with Margin Trading.

  3. The reason a private company goes public is to "cash out" at the senior level and investor level. They say aquire more money… yet if they wanted that… they could ABSORB some xrp within the economy making it a smaller pool Forcing the price up due to the pool shrinking. He played the interview safe…Not giving anything away. Which also doesnt give anyone that OWNS xrp as reason to rally.,

  4. He can’t put a timeline on Ripple going public due to the risk of being framed as “pumping xrp” especially since the company owns more than HALF THE XRP COINS IN CIRCULATION. Additionally, Ripple is def gearing up to acquire money gram. They invested $50 mill into them…MoneyGram as of today (3/10/2020) is valued at ripple now damn near owns half of MoneyGram. Over 400 banks use money gram around the world! To the CEO’s point, they have the best potential in the space to become go from Amazon books into the giant we know Amazon to be today. (At the time of this writing I currently hold a position of 5,000 XRP coins)

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  6. My unbiased perpective inteprets the Ripple executive saying that XRP's future is unknown and most probably headed on either downward or stagnant state. Please don't hate me but that's how I interpret what he said.

  7. Maybe I am a dumb person. But I do have a dumb personality !!!!!so I do won XRP and am hopeful on cashing in big ???but I hear lots of boom ,loud very loud , lots of talk lots of chattering that boost excitement that makes me wonder . Are we been entertain by our imagination and been deceived with all of the hype all around us and yet XRP is nothing more than a vehicle to bring ripple to its throne ??? ?? can XRP be nothing more then Doge coin

  8. Have you guys seen the price prediction the peoples trader did? $111 dollars by the end of the cycle! if that happens, I’m buy everyone a freaking lambo! ?

  9. The crypto band wagon left years ago and there will never be another crypto coin that will hit the bitcoin heights, crypto is now thrown on the stock for next to nothing with imbeciles thrown loads of money at 20 cents coins thinking they be worth 10 grand in a few months, wont happen ever again, instead invest your money in rolexes, they are a better yearly return than any ripple etc

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