Richard Heart Confronts Craig Wright! + My Thoughts On Hex

Two infamous cryptocurrency TITANS are about to engage in a shouting match right before your eyes! Before we watch this video, Let me quickly introduce to …


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  1. Well, your advice wasn't the best now was it? In the end you should have shilled HEX; you would have done your viewers a huge service. I followed your advice "you do you" and I put in 20 ETH, which is now worth over a million dollars. I'd say that's pretty decent return over the course of 1.5 years, wouldn't you?

  2. Your “advise” cost a lot of people a lot of money…. Seems like it could be due to emotional attachment & self interest in Bitcoin.

    Time to update your worldview & eat your Hubble Pie like a man

  3. Love your channel! But you missed out on 3000x plus. You also state that RH would be the first to cash out and the only one to get rich you was wrong. Just saying.

  4. Hex still going still strong
    You're a shill and you are wrong.
    be honest at least, you are not neutral….
    anyone that stuck 1 BTC into hex when this was video was made
    I think they could have bought a whole lot more BTC.

  5. First you say you’re neutral then you say don’t buy HEX lol…. This video hasn’t aged well. I’ve made more money on Hex then most anything else right now..

  6. Wow this video did not age well did it? Imagine missing out on free money from hex launch and owning one of the best appreciating assests in history. Just look at the chart

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