REVEALED: How Hollywood Greenlit The 'Bitcoin Billionaires' Movie | Ben Mezrich Interview

Ben Mezrich, New York Times bestselling author of ‘The Accidental Billionaires’, ‘Bringing Down the House’, and now ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’, gives us a sneak …


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  1. So he doesnt own bitcoin because he wrote a book about it. And he thinks it's an incredible technology. And he describes it in his book. But he doesnt own it because it would be "wrong" to own something that you promote. It would be weird the exact other way round: promoting something you dont believe in. But if you believe in it, you would own it. So either he is owning bitcoin but doesnt want the world to know or he had this amazing opportunity to write a book about it and make money with it but he doesnt believe in the technology. So either is he lying or shilling.

  2. I was reflecting on this interview after I watched it – it doesn't seem like communicating the very basic/fundamental aspects is of critical importance to Ben/movie producers. Which makes sense to a degree – might turn into a snooze fest getting into the technicals about blockchain/miners etc. BUT, I had an epiphany and I think I thought of a good way they could quickly tell the audience the importance aspects/background information in an engaging way.


    We see a shot of someones back (this would be Satoshi) typing on a computer. This person is typing statements about what BTC must be/represent. In the background, we would hear a radio playing the news talking about how the banks need a massive bail out on the backs of the people because of irresponsible fiscal management and how society is in financial ruin due to the sub prime mortgages that were handed out.

    Cut back to the computer screen – with the title Bitcoin V1 or something very basic on the computer screen

    -it MUST be decentralized
    -it MUST be for the people
    -it MUST be completely transparent
    -there MUST be a finite amount

    etc etc

    Basically this very quick scene would communicate the most important elements of Bitcoin, and show the viewers the creator as well as the motivation of BTC birth (global financial crisis).

    Scene would end with this mysterious person signing their name Satoshi

    *Cut to the next scene either to Winklevoss twins on beach or Charlie Shrem in the middle of doing high amounts of trade

  3. Hi Austin and Aaron, my son introduced me to Bitcoin and your channel. I bought Bitcoin and will be purchasing more perhaps weekly! So my question is….with Bitcoin becoming more and more mainstream because of it's technology and the mass adoption which is pretty much inevitable, what ledger do the two of you highly recommend to safeguard this digital gold?

  4. I have an addition to the "Social Network" sequel. I pitched the "Timeline" concept to Zuckerturd approx 6 months before it launched & he didn't even buy me a hamburger.Lol Shortly after that, FB stock doubled. I don't think 6 months is too short a time period to develop the upgraded platform. In fact, it could easily have been done. Funny thing is, FB saves all DM's & I was able to download my complete history which included "The Pitch" I made to him. The timeline, pun intended, of events is an awfully convenient coincidence for the "LifeLog" beneficiary, Marky Lark Zuckerturd , via the clowns in America's intel-gathering project. He's a lizard

  5. Great interview! Would love to see you both in the movie. Loved the book and can't wait for the film to come out during a bull run.. that might even be the beginning of BTC going mainstream!

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