REVEALED: Best DeFi Cryptocurrencies and NFTs to Watch in November 2020 | EllioTrades Interview

What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in November 2020? What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and DeFi coins to watch?? Elliot of @EllioTrades Crypto


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  1. What are your thoughts on $EASY that has just been listed on Binance ? Defi coin, has partnered with MATIC, super small market cap and super low supply (half a million tokens circulating supply). Doesn't it look like a gem ?

  2. ???? Noone should be selling any Altcoin as Bitcoin is under $20,000. Come quote me in 12-months from now.
    Silly, silly mistake. You will regret it. And you wont be DCA`ing now.
    I have big big big big bags accumulated down here. Easiest coins to pick up here as most are -60% to -80%

  3. nice video it's just take patience and perseverance to value the true nature of Bitcoin. price rocket up inconceivably Bitcoin on the way to $11,900if you said thing is to happen, it be very unwise for you to know how to increase your portfolio I got this tips first hand from Hackerklerry his always one step ahead of orders trader. he fully monitored my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. my earnings has increased drastically from 2 btc to 9 btc in just 3 weeks and some days. you all can reach out though the telegram " Hackerklerry"

  4. hi i think you should look at alpha finance.Tascha Punyaneramitdee Previously Head of Strategy at Band Protocol, Product Manager at Tencent, and Investment Banker at Jefferies. @t

  5. Im trying to make a music app meant for starting off and experienced musicians, writers, and managers.
    Should i start with learning python with 0 experience in this field? I am an audio engineer but our industry is dead… so im looking for new opportunities.

  6. Ellio. Let me help you.
    Taking care of our environment…. yes!
    Man made global warming……… no!
    Cow farts are not raising global temperatures. Please get educated on this.
    Don’t drink the fake news koolaid.

  7. Follower of both of these channels and Its worth mention how valuable the content is, Ive been in the space since 2012 and am thoroughly impressed with the level of dedication put forth in educating people about the space!

  8. after this bull run all my friends and fam that didnt believe in this technology will hop on my boat. It will be like 10 people.
    Now imagine if this happens to 1 million people who are like me. We will have 10 million new investors the next wave 🙂

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