REVEALED: 1997 Steve Jobs Speech May As Well Be About Bitcoin TODAY… & Other Recent Crypto News

Recent News: Bitcoin‘s Hashrate & Difficulty At All Time Highs! Will the Price Follow? Greyscale Bought 21% of New Bitcoin In April (Last Month)! Are We In …


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  1. If you watch the video until the end, I bring up the Psychology of Market Cycles/ Wall Street Cheat Sheet. At what point do YOU think we are at in the current cycle?

  2. Bitcoin is NOT an investment!!! Bitcoin is the next world reserve currency. It is the best way to preserve your freedom, wealth, and purchasing power in the years to come. There will be miners in space, cooled by the near zero temperature of open space and powered by solar panels without the interference of the earths atmosphere. Don't describe it as an INVESTMENT. Only 68,000,000 people can hold 0.25 BTC!!!

  3. Interesting video and creative comparison. I’d respectfully disagree though in that it should state the same thing should be said about “blockchain” or “certain crypto attributes.”

    Bitcoin is misleading despite it being a phenomenal performing asset. I say this because it will never fully take root and go mainstream like Apple. The main reason is simply due to the volatility. No one in their right mind will convert say a $1M 401k retirement account from USD to BTC for any significant amount of time as it could plummet a percentage amount in the triple digits in a matter of seconds. The same goes for any daily consumer as they don’t want to wake up with $25k in their savings and have $15k by the time they’ve finished breakfast. Basically no one would invest long term and be worry free as it’s too volatile.

    However, and this is where I definitely agree with you, blockchain and the benefits crypto offer are just like apple as a company back then. If you combine blockchain, the speed and anonymity of crypto benefits with a stable coin as opposed to fiat then it’d really take off.

    BTC and all fiat crypto’s are just a new modified pump n dump right now. Just look at the monthly % moves for the top 100 crypto’s of May. Anyone who disagrees is just defending their current short/long term position and…I honestly don’t blame them as we are making money hand over fist. Sooner or later it’ll end badly though due to volatility.

  4. Team AA, thanks for another good video. Yes, I'm accumulating by selling my altcoins. Do you have any suggestions at what BTC price I should sell any altcoins to get BTC? Like % over BTC price

  5. Or BTC could be short by TPTB and driven to the true value established by the only independent auditors recently at 5pct of current price. The rest is wash trading. That little matter of tether bitfinex eos binance scandal might achieve a dump that profits at 100 to 1 leverage for insiders like CZ and the Fed Mafia. Just Saying….

  6. if i got money i buy, but these last months i didnt have lots of money left.
    Btw i think any price below 10k is still good, especially if long term goal is +300k -1 million.
    Why cry over 1000$…
    andif i buy i buy like a poor man 0.001 btc each haha

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