Remember In 2014 When John Stewart Told You To Buy Bitcoin?

Do you remember, in 2014, when John Stewart told you to buy Bitcoin? See most people only remember that he compared Bitcoin to a tamagotchi…i but you …


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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. Interesting how difficult they must have made it for you to share the second part of that segment. They don't mind the first segment for obvious reasons, but they sure as heck mind the second one! LOL Great job once again brother!

  2. Hey knucklehead. Why in the hell would I give a rat's ass what Stewart or Colbert think about Bitcoin? They are both tools for the man.
    As if they have some sort of credibility in your mind?

    May I ask, what color is the sky in your world?

  3. You think it'd be possible that the way we all keep saying we wish we had a time machine to go back to when bitcoin was less than $100 that in years to come people will be saying the same about the price now?

  4. I have been trading in Forex since 2007 and never paid attention to BTC until 2018 but at least I start buying at $3,300 and will continue buying dips…. but wow in 2010 it was $1…

  5. in 2009 I received an email telling me to buy Bitcoin, said this was going to be a new currency, The price was at .03 cents per Bitcoin. I thought it was BS, then a month later I received another email saying, I advise you to buy or invest at least $50 of Bitcoin you will not regret it, he was insisting. I ignored it, I thought it was fake. Only .03 Cents. …Every time I think about it, I bang my head on the wall. What a mistake.

  6. 💙💚💛🧡 Everyone feeling emotional & happy now because we're at $8,300 … all the comments! 💙💚💛🧡

  7. I sold out of BTC around June 2011 and went travelling with the approx 20x profits I'd made as it has almost reached $18 at the time. I was a total idiot, and never actually bought in again till around April in 2013, 2 years after I first bough in but failed to HODL. I remember battling with the frustration of having to pay around $120 (over 6x what I'd sold out for) and feeling I'd really missed the boat.
    Another time I remember well was in late 2013 where, even though the price had dipped significantly, one gold coin could still only get me 1 BTC and I again FUDed myself thinking, can this be worth that; it overtook an Oz of gold again in 2017 of course.

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