Rapper Zuby Reveals his Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy into 2021 + New Merch Powered by Vechain!

Today we sit down with rapper, entrepreneur, and fellow bitcoiner, Zuby! Zuby shares his experiences working w/ Vechain cryptocurrency to launch his NEW …


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  1. Who the hell is Zuby?? LMAO! and Why interview these new comers to Crypto.. shit I been in this shit since 2016 interview me! I got hella bags lol just kidding dont interview me but interview someone who hasn't just got into this thing.. they dont know pain like seeing BTC go from 1100 to $100 in a night.. ya;; dont know pain, fomo or fud like those of us who been here

  2. Oh this is the transgender dude who broke women's record for deadlifting. Was an instant fan after I heard that inspirational story.

  3. love this channel but mega thumbs down for the ben shapiro + tucker carlson circle jerk. ??? and pushing the idea that these psychopaths are people to be admired and emulated…. ?!?! dear lord

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