PROOF: YOU are Being LIED TO About Bitcoin! DON'T BE FOOLED! [THE FULL STORY] Pompliano Responds!

Like. Comment. Subscribe. Original Coverage: PROOF: They Are Lying To You About Bitcoin! LEAKED FOOTAGE From 2013! Kevin O’Leary Owns Bitcoin.


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  1. Puckkkkk that…can't stand the way they all hold each other up…even pomp…afraid to spit it real… get me on your show kid…by the way finally get to see my favorite of them anyways…good stuff keep it real forever…..Virgil

  2. Of course Kevin is good for crypro space because positive or negative, as long as it's being talked about, is good for the asset. I also understand that rich and high dollar investors are so greedy, that they sometimes don't talk up, for whatever reason, what they are heavily invested in. ?⚡⚡

  3. O’Leary talks smack about bitcoin trying to keep prices down so he can stack more sats as well as providing good sound bites to keep his face on the screen where it makes him feel superior ?

  4. Maybe he found another coin better than Bitcoin. BTC may have been a store of value a few years back, but now it will be use case/utility that decides the best value – you know, a specific reason…like XRP.

  5. What makes me laugh is that all these rich investors believe gold and silver have value but not Bitcoin. Are they that stupid! Who says gold and silver have value. US… we as humans give it value or else its just another metal in the ground. Same reason Bitcoin has value because we give it value! The same reason fiat money has it's days counted. Everyone is starting to realize fiat money has no value anymore. Governments and banks are creating to much of it and manipulate it to their advantage!

  6. I love the description of bitcoin.. "Its a peaceful protest"..couldnt agree for me im that "regular guy" and i hope for the financial gains as much as i need it..that said i always come full circle to the fact that i no longer(not sure i ever did) trust the poweres that be..we have been failed by the 1% and bitcoin provides me a way to fight back without giving up my citizenship…at this point i just hope the world understands that our government/governments are the ones that have gone crazy and not our ppl..long live bitcoin..profit would be great but i personally deposite my paycheck into bitcoin weekly and use it as my checking account..and i lose money regularly due to small fees that can add up to 5% or more of my entire paycheck..that a traditional bank wouldnt cost me(yet)..thats ok tho cuz i belive those fees will be insignificant soon enough when bitcoin takes off for the moon…the 1% just wants to stay the 1% and they hate when a regular guy has any power to profit without giving them their cuts?? our time is coming and so is a reckoning for the greedy 1%ers???

  7. See it as your savings account. Since Banks are discussing the option to charge us interest for using their accounts i guess this is our only option. BYOB

  8. Funny thing is that same is true for the people on the YouTube screen. The goal is to obtain attention. Everyone who has an audience and wants to buy something expensive is incentivized to talk it down.

  9. Wait i dont get it… it seems that he was hopeful and understanding in 2013 but after investing and losing money and realizing how fickle it is, he publicly talked negatively on it in 2019… not deceptive or flip floppy.. just a different opinion after more experience

  10. Yet another reason WHY to buy BTC. Banks and the financial world trying to pump and dump and then buy the dips to corner the BTC market. Don;t fall for it. I hope everyone in the U.S. puts $200 into BTC. Push out and take away their Crypto power

  11. I see no glaring contradiction in the different clips (6 years apart!) that would malign Kevin Oleary's integrity or character. It is possible to hold an opinion that adheres to neither camp without being dishonest or a hypocrit. In fact, everything Oleary said was, as far as we can be certain about anything regarding bitcoin at this stage, accurate.

  12. LOL, nice. honestly? this video made me REALLY like Kevin O'leary now. he's proof that boomers can do top class trolling like the best. smart is smart. Anthony is absolutely right that Kevin O'leary is a net positive to the space.

    to anyone who's butthurt or think he's a dick or a liar – really take a second to think about it. he's vested. he's going to play exactly the role necessary to make sure we all land on the moon. don't worry.

  13. THIS makes me so upset about modern politicians and businessmen. It is the norm to flat out lie about your true opinions and intentions in the modern world. Did his opinion really change on BTC over 6 years when it’s price has 8x, technology become more sophisticated, and adoption increased dramatically?! Im in incredibly doubtful it has. Ugh, it is disgusting to witness Kevin O’Leary like this. So inauthentic and self-centred.

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