PROOF: They Are Lying To You About Bitcoin! Peter Schiff Owns Bitcoin. Wall Street Buying.

They don’t want you to know what goes on behind the scenes. Let’s get into it. If you’d like to skip the education on Bitcoin‘s value and go right to the good part …


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  1. Just an FYI, Schiff Gold works with Bitpay. So we don't actually receive any Bitcoins when customers pay with Bitcoin. The Bitcoins are sold for dollars by Bitpay before the sale is finalized. So Schiff Gold receives dollars, not Bitcoin. We don't even have to sell Bitcoin as we never receive any. Our margins are about 1%. Impossible to take Bitcoins as 100% of our profits could easily be wiped on as the price of Bitcoin fluctuates. Also Jeffry Tucker must be referring to the wallet Eric Voorhees set up for me after our Bitcoin debate in NYC. It has less than $100 worth of Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Ether in it. I never bought any. I got it for free.

  2. LIE: ONLY 21MIL… its code, it can be changed, everything can be changed or forked but its a lie as unlike gold/silver that has to be discovered, mined and minted. Code can always be modified!

  3. they take bitcoin and buy more gold and silver with it. it's no brainer guys bitcoin is not going to make you rich you young people are clueless about real sound money it's intertwined to dollar it dollar goes down guess what? I wish you guys would watch Gregory mannarino and Greg hunter YouTube interview I'm not being negitive just trying to help you guys out so you are wide awake to what's coming and that YouTube video explains everything just watch it makes your own mind up..

  4. We should ask, "Why does the "short interest" in Bitcoin continue to rise with the price increase? Have not yet felt enough pain from the bleeding?
    Hmm.. or maybe… Imagine the players on Wall Street waiting for the infrastructure and regulation to set in place for their full participation in the best-performing asset class of the century. Well, maybe if I were a large institutional player waiting on the sidelines, and I notice that retail investors are fronting a surge in interest & price for bitcoin, and if I could afford to sit on an underwater short position, then I might effectively be able to manipulate the price at a future time to scare newcomers away to maybe tip the scales, in order to delay or hold back prices until entry – or any number of possible desired outcomes. Especially if I had friends that think the same way

  5. This type of video, calling out someone like Peter Schiff, has just lost you respect in my book. Make your own name with your own brains, and don’t accuse others of scamming the rest of us with no proof dude.

  6. The denial. Normal behavior of seeing the end right at their faces. No more fees and much less physical interaction. Who can’t beat-coin what’s coming lol

  7. Ok ok let’s be clear all news and updates looks like from what I can see is coming straight from altcoin daily .. and I don’t use Blockfolio fools I use the HODL app since 2017 nov so long they gave me all features free . So trust me when I tell you I’m a og to crypto but altcoin daily breaks the cyberspace it’s very clear now

  8. If an investment adviser tells me that the most profitable investment this century has no value, then his advice has LESS THAN NO VALUE. Any financial advice he gives will be ignored as will anything else he says.
    If your opinion is so set against cryptocurrencies and the projects they represent that you can not even acknowledge the technological advancements they bring to the world, then what does that tell me about the rest of your ability to properly evaluate any other investment.

    The satanic parasitical snakes will always do opposites

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