Price Prediction: How Much Will Ethereum Cryptocurrency Be Worth in 2021? | Alex Saunders Interview

Is now a good time to invest in ethereum cryptocurrency? What are the top DeFi altcoin buys in 2021? Ethereum price prediction 2021? Alex Saunders of …


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  1. I like his open mind. The aggression and censorship of maximalists really reveals weakness. No different from all the 'woke' censoring. These people are powerful and insufferable.

  2. I originally thought this guy, Alex Saunders was smart and had done his research, but when he commented about XRP, he reveals to me that he can not that smart. XRP makes global currencies interoperable on the XRP ledger, where as Central bank digital currencies will not have that ability, they will have to go through legacy exchanges to be converted and sent across the world and that sending of CBDC will be measured in minutes probably and cost sending and exchange fees, where as XRP can do all this in around 3 seconds and it only costs pennies.

  3. Why can't peaople just accept bitcoin as a store of value, and we love eth for the DeFi and all the massive gains it makes us. I'm not a natioalist, why do people even care about tribalism? To be honest, the only people I find dividing the community are youtubers like "you"

  4. So much money in big institutions to buy crypto right now. What happens to crypto when the next big crash happens. I believe people will take their profits even some long term holders. The price will drop and bad news will be with us for years

  5. i dissagree. i think eth will be instituitonally invested as well… especially that btc transaction fee will be super high

  6. Great to see the young generation taking control of things, I'm 55 years old and people my age and older haven't a clue, this is something they should be learning about, keep up the good work!

  7. Guys. The World is going to Hell. It's UNPRECEDENTED in the history of Humanity. You must consider this at all time when speaking about the markets, otherwise all your speculation are UNGROUNDED in our current reality. You are in a Bubble disconnected from every day life. What we are living in INCOMPARABLE to 2017, or any other juncture. Let's keep it real here!

  8. Half way through and going to subscribe to Alex's channel. Great talk.
    These conversations interest me about crypto, get tired of just hearing people hype about the price of the next altcoin.
    Thank you for bringing substantial and interesting conversations to us.
    Really glad I found your channel a couple of years ago.

  9. Ether the inflationary elites coin with favourable fake futures prices pushing it up and massive fake news media campaign pumping it up too. But in the end its a shitcoin designed to take away interest and wealth our sound currency bitcoin.

  10. Why is bitcoin king? Sounds like group think sheeple talk. Its king to those who have made a lot of money. But the same people are worried that something better might come along and they loose their accumulated bitcoin wealth. So insecure. Something better can come, who says it cant. One can even copy bitcoin open source code and make bitcoin 2.0, so that anyone who missed out buying it cheap, now they can do it for $1 per bitcoin 2.0. I can see people do that. But that's like inflation. So maybe one can inflate bitcoin by copying it a lot.

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