Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Supports Bitcoin! #YangGang Bitcoin Over $4000! + Other News!

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  1. Obama said what people wanted to hear before voting. Later as President, he started serving the elite and explained his new positions that his views are "always evolving".

  2. I would fear the Democratic Party embracing bitcoin . The basis of being a Democrat is wanting central government involved in everything in your every day life. So things will quickly turn into an adoption with a second layer solution tracking every dollar you spend in bitcoin. I would much rather see the bitcoin tech grow much more and see much more adoption before we have too much of the government involved… we want them to get involved too late. We got what we want, bitcoin is not a security. Now we just need an ETF and that’s all

  3. That nut job also supports a China-like Social Credit system here in the US. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’ll keep what I have left of my freedom and privacy, thank you.

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