Prepare To NEVER See This Bitcoin Price Level Again! [Crypto Market Analysis]

We are entering ANOTHER level of accumulation. Let’s take a look at the past two bull cycles for some market analyis. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. Within the next 2 years, Bitcoin will hit $100,000. Within the next 5 years, Bitcoin will hit $500,000. Bitcoin’s trajectory from its inception in 2009 at 1/10the of a penny to current day levels has ALWAYS been a positive gradient. So BUY BITCOIN because 1) you believe in financial freedom from the FIAT slavery of central banks, and 2) get rich in the process. Bitcoin will, in the next 5 to 8 years become the world’s reserve currency with a value of $10 million dollars per Bitcoin. Get in!

  2. You seriously should look into LITION ($LiT). Its highly positioned to be the official blockchain of the German government and actually has a co-innovation contract with SAP. The market cap is only around 8.5 million right now but it's definitely heading north.

  3. 10K unconfirmed transactions?! What’s the benefit of an extremely high hash rate if your transaction can’t go through to ever get confirmed????

  4. if you want, it can be accumulation at any price, they spend more time at 6000 for accumulating and the price went to 3000, lol.

  5. $mtc 1.5 cents
    target $5000 McAfee
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  6. Bitcoin was $350 in 2016 (I don't go further back in time when it was a few dollars) and right now above $11,500. So if somebody bought $1000 bitcoin in 2016 now they have $33,000 and counting for that one investment. Keep saying it's a scam and your paper money that loses value every day is not a scam. SO the best way to own Bitcoin now is to trade and as a newbie you might loose your asset trading without a proper understanding of the market but with Mr. Erik Larsson also known as TradeMaster method you are sure to always start up well even if you are new to Bitcoin. Mr. Erik method is for both basic and advance trader and I will urge everyone in this community to contact him through (eriklarsson888 @ gmailcom) WhatsApp * * * + 447426071628 and start your financial freedom today.

  7. If I would have even 0.01$ of every "never see this BTC price again" prediction…I would be a millionaire

  8. Your just drawing arrows randomly, I guarantee we are going to see 6k again. 90% of price movements is due to market manipulation. Once the whales have cashed out their millions they will dump it.

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