Prepare For The Worst [Crash To $7000] Hope For The Best [Bitcoin End Of Year Pump]

Prepare for a huge flush downwards. Followed by a rally up higher. Let’s take a look and do a little market analysis followed by some recent news! Like.


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  1. A month ago people were saying BTC was going to 8.5k – The price went up. A few weeks ago people were saying bitcoin to 15k – the price went down. Now people are saying bitcoin to 7k…

    Moral of the story. BTC does the opposite of what the majority are saying ?‍♂️

  2. literally EVERYONE is bullish on bitcoin… Most ppl think they're going to be rich in a year or two because Bitcoin is guaranteed to hit +100k… This is the exact reason why I think this is a massive B wave bull trap and we will make new lows. Could be wrong, but I don't think so. Let's not forget that this entire market is fueled by tether, which until they conduct a 3rd party audit, is monopoly money. Pump the market with fake money, then dump and exact all the real fiat entering the market. It's the perfect ponzi scheme. Do I believe in Bitcoin long-term? Yes. But I think there needs to be a good cleansing of all the shady characters, exchanges and most importantly ,USDT before this market can move forward. All I'm saying is BE CAREEFUL! 300 wallets control 80% of the USDT supply and with the lack of liquidity on the order books, it doesn't take much to dump the price. Good luck trying to move your Bitcoin from cold storage if/when we get that capitulation candle from some black swan event.

  3. XRP Has the most utility of any coin. NO ONE is close. When mass adoption happens it will go much higher. BIG banks don't sign up with them if there shit. Look at the list they have signed up ?

  4. Whatever. I continue to dollar cost average and won't be selling before my investment doubles. I will then sell half and continue DCA.

  5. Don't for one second think that physically backed means anything to the cabal that controls Bakt…. the rules do not apply to them because they own the SEC and the DOJ. Naked shorts is their preferred method to manipulate the markets they created

  6. Congratulations you run the most schizophrenic channel on youtube with daily contradictions and oppositions to earlier statements and videos all supported by scrolling around graphs. You remind me of those guys that used to be in time square with three cups and a marble. Where is it now? You drive your subscribers crazy with your contradictions. The only logical thing you say is the long term bullish view but that does not require actual insight simple deduction. The only thing you need to do is buy and hold. That's it. See, simple right? Free advice. But my job is not making money on youtube.

  7. Wouldn't it be funny if this was all just a piggy bank 4 the elites?? pump and dumps…… WEALTHY PEOPLE DONT LIKE SPENDING MONEY UNLESS ON THEMSELVES LOL

  8. Chainlink is going to do very well in this next bull market. I think a $10 could happen, and I don’t even own LINK right now. Its that hot altcoin. Remember what Zilliqa did last year, Ontology, well that’s LINK this time.

  9. The correction seems to be almost completed and we may very well have seen the dip already but it must be noted that no one can for sure say exactly where the correction took place until it has actually happened. What that implies is that there is never a better time to start piling up the coins even though logically, those who bought at say $3,800 seem to be at advantage. A level playing ground exists in trading as it presents a quicker way to turn in more coins without having to buy more. Learn to trade and do this or for a safer investment, its best to find a successful trader that gives out signals and then, copy them. Rupica Puri is one such example and in trading with his guidance, i grew 3btc at about $4,200 when i bought to 7btc in 2 weeks. There are several service providers to choose from but Rupica is the most accurate and easy to use from my experience and he can be reached on Telegram @rupicapuri. Whatsapp +1 919-391-8034 for instruction on how to be a better investor/trader

  10. Will you sell or buy more in case of pumping price? And what is the best place to do it? I use changelly, do you know that? Should I trust them?

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