PREPARE FOR BITCOIN EXPLOSIVE NEXT MOVE!! + “$10,500 Ethereum Cryptocurrency Price Target” in 2021

Be prepared for Bitcoin‘s next explosive move in 2021, Ethereum price prediction to $10500, plus the latest chainlink, kyber network, tezos, sushi, and cardano …


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  1. Good information .. but it seems that all you do is read articles and elaborate on them for a bit. Why don't you analyze the charts and give your honest opinion?

  2. *** Do the minors have backups for energy in case power challenges happen? I mean this seems like a stupid question, but with all the nutty stuff going on…. large back up generator would be prudent.!

  3. Bitcoin is kicking the ass of gold and they think there’s shortage of coins and bars. The bullion dealers has no gold to sell because the market was supressed and they are increasing the premiums. That’s why I gave up gold and silver king time ago it’s a joke market

  4. Love the channel; two good guys. I was wondering if you knew anything about fintech-mining. I had a bad experience with them a while back but ended up getting a free mining contract. I still lost money with them but I have a small amount of BTC with them and can't get it out. I found out their web certificate was revoked. I basically wrote off that small btc (about $350 today) but would like to get it if possible. Any feedback, appreciate it.

  5. Buy as much XLM as you can now, before the major Pump that's coming to it. It's heading first to $1.00 and it's skyrocket time from there, $2, ,$5, $7 and upwards. More major relationships with banks and world utility coming. XLM is a sleeping giant, hidden gem. You won't see it at this low price for long.

  6. Both BTC and Ethereum are good. Noted that Black Rock and Grayscale are buying BTC big, but also buying Ethereum. Forbes is also saying get into both BTC and Ethereum.

  7. Real question is why would people like Michael Saylor say such things so openly. Imagine selling 70,784 bitcoins – you would get huge slippage and a bad exit price. Now if only there was a way to get the easily hyped retail investors to buy the dip…

  8. In the end Bitcoin will live forever, in the memory of dreamers and in the memory of computers ??? The reason why Bitcoin was created was, to help stop the speed of money spending by acting as a black hole, raising a large amount of the currency printed by the central banks of the countries, with the sole purpose of stopping the runaway inflation , which would produce the different prints and stimulations to the world's economies, also to prevent the prices of metals, such as gold and silver from soaring uncontrollably, a lot of funds will be going into Bitcoin from metals and that it cannot destroy the markets for the sales of paper on metals (a master plan, kudos)

  9. from 28/1/2021 Kava will explode anytime…hurry up otherwise too late and regret…… cap expect $1 Billion soon…..share price is $2.95 Aud at 45 million circulation supply……Kava is great DeFi platform and should make good progress in 2021…….i put all my money in Kava because i believe 100% Kava has the ability to skyrocket to 10X then 100X……Consider otherwise regret…..

  10. I took the risk dealing with Luiz to be in charge of my trade and finally end up with perfect testimony.his platform is amazing and very straightforward.

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