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In this memo, I look into the original plebs — the plebeian class of ancient Rome. The bitcoin plebs are the solid core of the community, and the bitcoin rabbit hole has encouraged all of us to read history with fresh eyes. So I became curious — who were the plebeians, and are there lessons that us modern day plebs can learn from their experience?

Classes In Ancient Rome

Society in ancient Rome was split into two classes, the patricians and the plebeians, or plebs. Patricians were the aristocrats. Legend has it that the original 100 patricians were chosen by Rome’s founder, Romulus, at the founding of the city in 753 BC. These 100 men were chosen for their wisdom and merit, and the Senate acted as an advisory to the king. Interestingly, they also elected new Roman kings. So the king’s title was not hereditary; however the descendants of the patricians laid claim to their title, and thus there was a noble class.

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