PayPal Just Sent Bitcoin To NEW HIGHS! My Bitcoin Ethereum Investing Strategy | Cryptocurrency News

HUNDREDS OF MILLION Of US PayPal Users Just Got Access To Cryptocurrency! My Bitcoin & Ethereum Investing Strategy. Let us know in the comment …


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  1. I think a 75% ETH to 25% BTC will give you the best risk adjusted returns 😉 BTC going to 150K perhaps – a 10-15x depending on where you bought, ETH going to 6-9K (if it keeps the same dominance level) is a 15x + return – and this also makes sense since ETH is newer compared to BTC…

  2. The more Wall Street and mainstream financial interests get involved in Bitcoin the more nervous I get…..Bitcoin is already being manipulated by the Fed and its agents on Wall St. Why do I smell a rat here? When Wall St. pumps investments (like so many other things) it is time to be cautious. When Goldman Sachs pumped silver a few weeks ago, it soon crashed! I knew that was coming! Goldman was telling clients to buy silver and then Goldman took the opposite side of the trade and went short! Just like it did with all the toxic debt and derivatives they were selling before the 2008 crash!

  3. Talk about shortsightedness….how about Theta? Theta could be the Ethereum killer. Cheaper, faster, totally decentralized with smart contract ability launching before end of 2020. Theta totally compatible with Ethereum-based coins/contracts. And right now Theta is only 63 cents….not $460! Do you know what will happen when crypto world finds out how cheap, fast, and useful Theta is compared to Ethereum? Massive in-flow. And that is not even taking into account the utility of Theta network being used by CDNs! Theta is going to be BIG one day. Hopefully very soon….stay tuned and watch Theta friends! $100 Theta by end of 2021??? Could be!

  4. Would love to see your take on the token WISE being launched right now! Big bonuses to content creators for referrals. Really transparent and responsive team! I've made a few, simple, videos covering them myself!

  5. I dont understand why ETH is so popular? It has an infinite supply like fiat money wouldn't that bring its value down overtime?

  6. BTChas gone through a solid meeting in the course of recent weeks, pushing as high as $16,500. Examiner are beginning to expect that a rectification is expected, however. One crypto-resourceanalyst as of late shared a fractal demonstrating that the digital money is exchanging a surprisingly comparable approach to how it did during the 2017 highs at $20,000. This fractal examination predicts that a drop to $14,000 will happen in the weeks ahead. This is the significant certainty why I can't let my BTC lay back in my wallet not understanding what tomorrow holds for it, rather I exchange with a general public tried nd confided in firm ( ROSTISLAV) who's procedure has helped me gather more Btc and my portfolio has become so enormous in a brief timeframe of extraordinary trading.Y'all can contact Tribes men for their magnificent signa ls on t * lgrm_ rostislavtrade

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