Prepare For The Worst [Crash To $7000] Hope For The Best [Bitcoin End Of Year Pump]

Prepare for a huge flush downwards. Followed by a rally up higher. Let’s take a look and do a little market analysis followed by some recent news! Like. source

BREAKING: The 2019 Bitcoin Bull Run is OFFICIALLY About To Start | Bakkt CONFIRMS LAUNCH DATE

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Bitcoin has plummeted 20% in the last few days. To me it looks like we could be forming a descending triangle. If that is the case I would expect to…

What Is The % Probability That Bitcoin SURPASSES $20,000 By The End Of Year?

Price Analysis & Recent New Blockstream making Bitcoin mining more decentralized. Ripple petition to stop dumping! Twitter Poll: … source

PROOF: They Are Lying To You About Bitcoin! LEAKED FOOTAGE From 2013! Kevin O’Leary Owns Bitcoin.

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I JUST SOLD ALL MY LITECOIN ?[Last Time We Saw A 2 Year Death Spiral]

If you look at Litecoin vs Bitcoin after the halving, Litecoin consistently lost value. It went into a Death spiral for almost 2 years (vs Bitcoin). And this is what…

This Will Change Your Mind On Bitcoin. MASSIVE Amounts of Money Pouring In! Plus FedNow Coin

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Bitcoin Setting Up For A MASSIVE BULL RUN That Will Make 2017 Look Like A MoleHill

Here’s The Case For A $100000 Bitcoin Price By The End Of 2021 [Warning: OPINION] Follow us on Twitter: … source

Bitcoin OFFICIALLY Entering Re-Accumulation. Ben Shapiro Endorses Bitcoin.

Re-Accumulation. Look at the similarities in the cycles. Every cycle has the same phases. Bitcoin is moving. Follow us on Twitter: … source

The Bitcoin Game Theory ? That Is About To Change Everything. Which Country Will WAKE UP?!

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