Nvidia CEO Says Generative AI Will Birth ‘New Computing Era’

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Nvidia believes that generative AI might be the most important computing platform of this generation.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has shared some of the prospects of generative AI being a form of artificial intelligence technology that will greatly impact the world. He shared his thoughts on Monday while delivering a keynote speech at the Computex forum in Taiwan.

According to Huang, it is the dawn of a “new computing era” where a layman can easily be a programmer. He claims that generative AI gives virtually anyone the capabilities of being a programmer. That is, without the usual hassle and complexity of writing multiple lines of code.

Nvidia Unveils New Generative AI-based Supercomputer

In line with its view, Nvidia has now launched a new AI supercomputer platform it calls DGX GH200. But its core aim is to build generative AI models with it. Huang said:

“This computer doesn’t care how you program it, it will try to understand what you mean, because it has this incredible large language model capability.”

Huang argues that generative AI might be the most important computing platform of this generation. He noted that it bridges the digital gap, citing that there’s no need to be a professional programmer to be able to say something to the computer. Huang then mentioned how individuals and businesses alike may also begin creating new apps with the help of this generative AI.

Meanwhile, it is not that Nvidia believes that generative AI will only serve the layman. Professionals will also benefit immensely from it as they advance their work, the company said. For example, a programmer can develop applications faster with minimal effort in debugging. An architect may also generate 3D models from 2D floor plans.

Overall, a change in the way things are done is one thing that is common to “every single computing era,” Huang said. And according to him, artificial intelligence is one such thing that is capable of effecting these new possibilities.


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