NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) will be MAJOR Catalyst for 2021 Cryptocurrency Bull Run | Best NFT to Buy

What does non-fungible mean? What is the best non-fungible token? Today let’s review the latest bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and look at the top NFT …


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  1. Thanks for mentioning D¢ENT Co.! We're hoping to add a lot of value and excitement to the growing NFT, or more specifically, Phygital Asset space. Keep up the great work guys!!!

  2. Can't any NFT's be built/used on the DigiByte platform via DigiAssets? I'm not very knowledgeable in this type of tech but from what I thought I understood, DigiAssets is designed to handle all of this in a decentralized, secure, and fast way.

  3. NBA has its own NFT with digital card pack moments. It just moved into beta, its called NBA TOPSHOT… this is for the sports card collectors.

  4. Hi all! Do you think a DAO running on NFTs will revolutionise the crypto industry and promote sustainable governance for NFT marketplace? How will it impact the blockchain industry? Found these materials regarding an upcoming DAO fully governed by NFTs instead of ERC20 tokens. Safe to say its NFTs ran NFT marketplace ? quite new to the NFT space, wish to hear your thoughts!

    Source for NFT DAO announcement :

  5. I don’t understand how you call these NFT arts and all shits super unique because honestly I could copy what ever I want from it any NFT and put onto token and will be mine anyway why i shut buy any if I can have any token for just few $?
    Created by me on my own on my wallet is absolutely awful ….
    Tell me if I’m wrong?

  6. This sounds be like a Pokémon Chaharizard bubble tangent offshoot of actual practical tangible crypto use. I’m down with crypto, but stuff like this just baffles me. I’m fine missing this boat. You can have my portion of whatever this is.

  7. I just used some makebelievium coins to buy some unrealium that I flipped to buy some bit bit bit Tang Coin. I took all the profits and bought a NFT GIF of a cat taking a poop…. Gonna by rich!

  8. Hey

    Made my first NFT's (also I am a real Artist, that's what I do for a living)
    Would love your feedback on it

    Check me out under Alex Morzy on rarible

    Peace and love

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