NEW UPDATE on Bakkt and Bitcoin (BTC) ?️ Plus Western Union Partners w/ Stellar ? Collaborator

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  1. Bakkt street boys launch CFTC and SEC said no specially treatment bwahahhaha. just twit about coinbase pro last night 8:45PM BCH 0x BAT ETH ETC have glitches. is coinbase pro may be adding new coins for BAKKT STREET BOYS LISTOF crypto, thats why they just say its delayed ? do we really need Bakkt for me BAKKT mother of all Scam BAKKT ICE, regulate to protect consumer says who them bwahahhaha this is just my personal opinion,

    thanx for the video

  2. The CFTC is only playing games and are most likely apart of manipulating Bitcoins price.

    People need to realize that we don't need these government agencies, the most secure form of custody is a Trezor or Ledger wallet so you can be your own bank, which is what Bitcoin was originally about.

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and BAKKT are unneeded. BAKKT in fact might be the CFTC's trojan horse being used to deny it, so it's denial compresses the price of Bitcoin (MANIPULATION). These people all work together, that should be evident by how fast unphysically held Futures contracts got approved and launched once again to MANIPULATE the price of Bitcoin by allowing shorting without the purchase and holding of actual Bitcoin.

    This is all theater and the CFTC, ICE, NYSE, JPM, U.S. Gov are all playing the retail investors.

  3. The question is why USA is so behind the future?
    I believe all will be happen but will take time… the most important is the huge adoption what we having all around the world no one can stop it…

  4. Other countries passing regulations with lightning speed. Seems like the rest of the world could care less if we hurry or not this could hurt us and leave us behind.

  5. Bakkt is not gonna launch until mt gox off loads the heavy bags .people off loads. market deeps a lil and then bakkt

  6. Before crypto currency and block chain technology it would cost me $75 to send $500 to Poland through Wells Fargo bank And it would take about a week. Now using USD coin I can send $500 to Poland for 2.5 cents and it takes about one minute. The need for Western Union or banks in the future is going to disappear very rapidly because simply who is going to ask permission and have a 3rd party send money when you can send it from one phone to another anywhere in the world with no middle man.

  7. Translation:
    We need to make sure we have all the angles to manipulation, for our and big institutions benefit, covered before we give our approval.
    The thing is there are just not enough Bitcoins to go around for all the major institutions. 17.5M coins is smaller than any NYSE listed stock has shares.

  8. Matrix ai network (man) is realy a golden pick for now if you see they getting partnership after partnership and not just little ones but big ones and also the mainnet is running there is great tech behind it with a real use case while this token is stil heavy undervalued, if you research about matrix ai network you wil see and found out that they have already a lot of working products/applications now that wil realy excite you




    Do you have BITCOIN Already?…BITCOIN: The digital money of the future

    People have to understand that BITCOIN has a limited amount of 21 million and there are billions of people from around the world that never will be able to own a whole BITCOIN because of its scarcity. Think about it… Would you be one of them?

  10. I always said, what if this time the NVT doesn't work. Well it looks like it doesn't anymore. Not because it is floored but like anything that becomes popular the big players try to game the system. In this case manipulate on chain volume to show that we are more bearish than what is really going on. I'm still holding onto my massive long. Even if we do have some major corrections I don't think there is enough meat left on shorts anymore. Put simply we have run out of massive sellers compared to the deep pockets of the accumulators. The hidden buy walls will just gobble up what dumps are left.Woo believes it's a particular institution (quite large in fact) that is buying a lot of coin.There was one particular indicator Bitcoin Price Model which he talks about which clearly shows where accumulation has been happening. Now, its March and the chances are, we may see a reversal and start bulling or we may experience a further decline or experience a stagnation for a while. There is actually more to forecasting price action by reading the news. This is because the relationship between them is not one on one. Bearish news doesn’t always result to decline in price while bullish news doesn’t always lead to increase. What to do is study historical patterns, news and scenarios. Upon understanding these well enough, you may be able to predict a reoccurrence of the circle if it ever shows up again. In addition to this, it’s extremely paramount you understand technical analysis which will form the basis of whatever decision you make in your trades. One step to making great profit would be to take your time and learn the ropes of trading which may take your time and perhaps still lose. Another would be to use the system of a very successful trader and copy signals/strategies. I do understand that it was still overbought and a correction was inevitable. The market had almost no structure. Now with all the new infrastructure being put in place should eliminate most of that problem. In the meantime, market will continue to do what it has been doing. The smart investors are beginning to accumulate more bitcoin through Mr RONALD ABASSID’s strategy and more will do so if we drop even lower. Too much institutional investment and top notch trading tips and signals with the guidance of Ronald ABASSID occurring in the market not to recover soon. You can contact Mr. Abassid at ronaldabassid@gmail. com

  11. There’s a downward pressure to keep BTC at 4K. Perfect for adoption. Or Jeff & Kelly are just waiting for the right time to launch. During a Recession? Who knows? Jeff & Kelly have more clout than you think. Waiting for CFTC approval? Bull ! They can launch this thing tomorrow if they want. Everybody is In cahoots with the other.

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  13. The only reason for the delay … it's not a delay … it's actually a disapproval without final official decision. I already told this in middle of 2018 and I keep telling this because it's the truth. All the officials who have to approve ETF, BAKKT and so on are 100% depending on Wallstreet, Soros, Buffett, Dimon etc, who is actually trying to kill crypto. They just don't want it to look like, they do it way more sophisticated. Hence there will NEVER EVER be an official approval of anything like this. Will this kill BTC? No it won't. BTC will be like a tidal wave and swallow corrupt Wallstreet banksters at the end, but it will take some time … lots of time ….

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