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  1. "Black Americans" are not only "free" but ridiculously coddled, catered to and propped up, to the detriment of other Americans. What total, propagandizing racist Bullshit that BTC will set them "free".

  2. So Wrong About XRP… day will come when it flips BTC…. might take a couple more years… all it needs to moon and blast by BTC to the top of the crypto food chain is regulatory clarity in the USA (remember, at the moment, ONLY BTC and ETH have been flagged as non-securities in the USA). When clarity comes (and it will), all the XRP naysayers will be suddenly trying to load XRP bags, and the XRP holders will be smiling from ear-to-ear. BTC is NEVER going to be adopted as a "global currency", never. The power consumption issue alone will eventually bring it down when electricity costs go sky high. Quantum computing will make BTC completely hackable. Have none of you BTC maximalists noticed that every country around the world is actively working on, planning, or considering their own digital currency? BTC in the best outcome can retain its store-of-value use case, and might do so. But XRP's aim from the beginning was to be a liquidity bridge asset for all the hundreds of government, banking and corporate coins that would arise, and it will also serve as a wrapper for all hard assets and investments as well. And XRP has the necessary low-cost, speed, scaling and other technical bells and whistles to get the job done (which BTC can only dream about, with its decentralized, disorganized, development "team"). Ripple will continue to support, improve, and maintain XRP in a well organized, well funded fashion. If you think Ripple doesn't care about the price of XRP, guess again. The high ups at Ripple all plan on becoming trillionaires, and when the regulatory clarity comes, they will be.

  3. Austin is correct – great timing and he has some great tools. There is a NEW TECHNOLOGY that will revolutionize DIGITAL CURRENCY. There is about a 30 day window left before this CROWD FUNDING investment will be taken down. This is the same as if, someone told you about GOOGLE or APPLE before they went PUBLIC. This technology secures ALL digital assets and a lot more and the inventor is allowing friends of friends to get a chance to have a small piece and to possibly become wealthy after they go public. The link is: this is the anti-blockchain technology. This technology is 100% Quantum Computer SAFE, where all cryptocurrencies are not. The currency that is about to launch from this technology is that does 8 Million Transactions Per Second, BTC can only do +/- 7 TPS. DO NOT MISS THIS!!! is the technology's website. This is going to change so many things – like making it impossible to hack companies servers, safeguarding their customers credit cards and info and a whole lot more!

  4. With all due respect, your research and opinion about xrp gets me questioning your input about other coins because you stating that there is no adoption is contradictory to the news of mass adoption that Ripple and xrp are moving towards. One example is MoneyGram add another SBI. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE RESEARCH ON XRP WHAT MAKES US VIEWERS TRUST YOUR INSIGHTS ON OTHER COINS?

  5. I dunno, i'm starting to lose confidence that we'll see much more gains for a short while now. Long term sure, but this year? FUD is creeping in, the alts are trading at bargain prices and some are starting to recover quite well. I think this $10k BTC range is gonna hold but if it drops below 9 we could see some big panic sells and a lot of short trades driving it further down, i wouldn't be suprised either if smart traders are holding out for a better entry. Personally, I ended up buying BNB this month instead of BTC. Next month, i'll re-evaluate.

    Also, on a side note ADA has broke out upwards since yesterday so it might be a good time to get in after all.

  6. XRP currently has more adoption — by far — than any other coin, including Bitcoin. If XRP doesn't make it, things don't bode well for the entire crypto space. Money Gram's revenues have spiked significantly since they started using XRP — I wonder what they would say about XRP's utility?

  7. He doesn’t like $XRP for one or two reasons:
    1) XRP is not decentralized.
    2) Someone paid him good money to badmouth XRP so they can buy into it before crowds pour in after it’s too late to buy it at low prices.

  8. I just… i just… xrp is already adopted and being adopted further by more and more banks and financial institutions. So what's with the "xrp won't be adopted" nice cover on "make your own mind up" though. I have other bags so I wouldn't call myself an xrp maxi but c'mon now….

  9. What about Tron, it has the most transactions and dapps of any blockchain out there. I don't understand bitcoin maximalist, just look at the dapps and transactions on tron and other top alts these blockchains are actually being used, for example tron, steem and iost. These tokens can be invested into dapps and earn you a daily living.

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