New 2021 Cryptocurrency to DISRUPT Financial Regulation Sector!! | Sekuritance RegTech Review

As institutions enter the cryptocurrency market let’s discuss Sekuritance, a unique regulatory technology platform that provides a single place from which it is …


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  1. Bot accounts are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! ?

  2. I call on you to stand up against this! Please spread the word among all the influencers on youtube. If you all call on your audiance not to sell or short we might have a chance as a crypto community to stop this. HODL OR LONG!

  3. Sekuritance sounds similar to another project called Merchant token, which is currently an ico. Curious to know if it is a good project or not.

  4. Guys check WALDcoin , search "waldcoin bscscan" !

    This one looks like a real coin to me ,+with an exciting goal : anti-deforestation ! It had massive growth in the last 3days , 1130 holders and it's still cheap ! They're having it listed on CoinMarketCap in 2days !!

    Don't forget to Do Your Own Research !!

  5. Altcoin daily sucks. Instead of looking at cryptocurrencies that are getting through this drop with little downside price effect they're pushing speculative cryptocurrency.
    There are a # of cryptocurrencies that have made it through current sell-off with little minimal price drop and some in fact have gained. Very telling to what investors believe will suceed.. Whats up with that?

  6. MTV, BEPRO, VRA, SYLO, SHA, will all make you min 2.2x in the next 2 weeks
    If you hear my whispers before you know I appear to share the Christmas cheer,. Remember to take your profits —-for Satoshi—-

  7. Dope video! But If you’re trying to make the highest quickest return on crypto right now since everything is on SALE, buy $RLC below $8 and $ETC below $100 on coinbase , and $DOGE below $.45 on Robinhood for no fees. Thank me later! ????????????

  8. Thank you great content! What about Space Penguin (PNGN)? I want to diversify.. Can you make video how to buy? Or please give us some insight! Thank you ??

  9. Compliance will be the next wave of DeFi , no doubt but my bet is on Shyft Network $SHFT, ex financial action task force (FATF) members involved in the project. FATF are the ones who actually provide regulatory guidelines for institutions globally. Shyft Network are way ahead of this project and will be ready to claim market dominance with a product ready to cater to the largest VASPs, DeFi players and exchanges in time for them to then be able to go mainstream, which will require adhering to compliance obligations.

  10. I have discovered 100xCoin and it is solid AF, the moves they make we
    are so fortunate to be in it before it has pumped and it will pump and
    pump harder than most people expect! With the roadmap ahead in the near
    future its a guarantee and what is even more sattisfying is that it is
    not a pump and dump memecoin, they have huge plans and with what they
    manage to accomplish and the way they go about things listing on Binance
    is very real!!

  11. This is a game changer. How many times has block pass messed up throughthe presales? All of them. Sekuritance came out and problem solved. Whats even best is that once they approve you, you dont have to go through all the trouble with the next presales over 80 days. I love it!

  12. Sekur.Trace sounds like the start of a CBDC and something that government would love. What it sounds like it will do is create a history back to the mining event and if there is a transaction on the chain previous to yours that's suspicious (like going through a tumbler), then your crypto becomes muted and possibly worthless. Besides, wasn't the promise of cryptos to liberate us from the banksters once and for all?

  13. Stop telling people to buy your scam…you know nothing, you are reading articles from Google. People are PAID TO WRITE THOSE ARTICLES

  14. Textbook Wycoff distribution. Market manipulation by exchanges typically used for commodities futures and such. jp morgan at work people. Do not sell them your BTC or alt at a loss because they are taking your losses and your Bitcoin off the exchange and right to the cold storage. One more dip and then charge hard to 100+k

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