My Short-Term, Medium, & Long-Term 2019 Predictions! How I'm Going To Double My Bitcoin.

In this video, I reflect on this past year in crypto as I reevaluate and prepare for 2019. I tell you my short-term, medium-term, and long-term price predictions.


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  1. This reflection about BTC over the Altcoins is exaclty how i am feeling after this massive sell off. I have been in crypto for just over 1 year now and i am leaning more towards the mother chain than the scammy alts (minus a few)

  2. This is just guessing really….the information we get hardly seems to effect the market as we think…the last etf refusal diddnt drop the price..I'm just holding as I'm not skilled enough to day trade….charts can be read as people react to them & bots are set by them so there fairly readable but other than that it's very hard to guess next weeks price let alone months.

  3. 80% of portfolio in BTC ?
    Unless you are gonna hold thousand of coin you will never become rich with BTC.
    You need an amount of coin let’s say 1k or 10k or 100k to have any notable return.
    You must be able to multiply your delta gain by thousands of coin…
    you will never change your life holding 10 BTC ? (my opinion)

  4. Hey Aaron, if you want to work on your trading strategy may I direct you to search resources on YouTube. There are a lot of you tubers that can protect your outlook if you can find the few good ones. But one thing for you to keep in mind, right now we are going through an extreme low volume period and its been apparent to me that market movers with deep pockets have been making mince meat of us retailers with it being so easy for them to change the price. I would thread carefully if I don't understand how these whales behave. Their focus is to take your money…and they aren't whales because they suck at doing that. Just keep that in mind and Happy trading!

  5. I joined your channel yesterday and it's been refreshing to get a new perspective regarding the market from another great YouTuber! Please keep the great content coming 🙂 Bullish for '19 and beyond!!

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