My Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy HAS CHANGED in 2021! Big Ethereum/Zilliqa Update! [PERSONAL]

Will bitcoin go lower in May 2021? What is the most recent altcoin news?? Let’s discuss this, as well as my cryptocurrency investing strategy/how I have updated …


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  1. Gotta wait for EBOX to explode. Aside from ZIL, I'm still stacking more of EBOX as they're already listed on Pancakeswap. More partnerships to come as well! ?

  2. It's hilarious to me that the entire BTC bought by Tesla is $1.5 Billion, but the entire crypto market has lost over $300 Billion just on the tweet that Tesla will not accept BTC, even though they've only sold 10% a few weeks ago. For your information, Tesla only sells 500K cars per year in total, so even if every Tesla for next year was purchased 100% with BTC by all buyers, it would only add up to $30 Billion, but as we all know, only 5% at most would have been done with BTC, so the most that BTC would have been accepted by Tesla would have been $150 million.

  3. I think the most underrated topic on YT is the psychology behind the importance of holding without worrying and paying less attention to fearful chart action/media messages…in lieu of awaiting future movement which ultimately will lead to gaining. It removes the worry and if we could have focus on this across YT crypto clips, imagine the message being heard by new investors. It is a movement that would change everything ???

  4. I have talked about crypto and bitcoin fall from February. Please understand that bitcoin and crypto scam is coming to an end in few days. You can hold as long as you want but you are holding nothing. No one needs these coins that you hold. All that was needed for rich people is already done. They got more money using your investments and trust! In few days bitcoin will cost 0 and drag all other coins to 0. Fools bitcoin was not made to make poor people rich XD Ha ha ha

  5. I think is simply offensive burning 90% and send "only" the other10% to charity. I mean, why he doesn't send ALL TO CHARITY? having a real chance to Help millions of people, why burning 90%? Doesn't make any sense to me, it's obscene indeed, a narcissist show of power. What do you think about, it makes sense?

  6. Great video, I am planning to buy some stock but I don’t know which is best for the long term I am not used to stock investment, please help me or send me the best stock to buy for the future at Least 1/2 yrs, BTC is crashing beyond my patient!

  7. How can’t people not see that this bitcoin crap can be so easily manipulated anytime? This dude acts like capitulating is bad but why lose everything? Just to be a crypto hero? Screw that! There are no fundamentals you quack! Bitcoin is a sentiment only item. It is no fundamentals

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