My 2021 Bitcoin Price Prediction! I’m HIGHLY Confident This Will Happen… Cryptocurrency News ?

Bitcoin boasted 300% returns this year making it 2020’s Best-Performing Institutional Asset. We should see even bigger gains in 2021, right? I think so. Let’s talk …


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  1. why wouldnt greyscale and other big buyers seel everything now… double win ie scalp those huge profits, dump the price and buy again…..the whales giveth and the whales taketh away,

  2. Are bitcoin prices only going up because people plan to buy and resell later? If so many people are doing that then 1 major downward trend will cause a ton of people to follow and tank the price probably well below 15k. No1 actually uses bitcoin so it serves no purpose, at least not really in the grand sceme of things.

  3. I was reading along with you during the video and multiple times you pronounced “hold” or holding” as “hodl” or “hodling”. I thought you were dyslexic until I read your New Years resolution to “Hodl”. What is it, and why do you say it?

  4. Already followed, thank you for this work

    Btw what do you think about $MTLX? The platform is attractive without any coin sale, lol. They are launching a long term high yield x3 APY farming campaign using USDT and provide users with rewards. Should I support?

  5. Hello mate! Tyvm for this video, great

    Could you pls write me your point of view about Stakenet. Their blockchain consists of 2 kinds of nodes: Staking nodes and Masternodes. The project has its own Layer2 cross-chain DEX. Got listed on Bitfinex. What will you say?

  6. Thank you for your vid, exciting

    I discovered an early defi gaming platform that gains popularity rapidly enough – Playcent. They plan token generation, promise to make a content project for interactive apps and games. Should I join them?

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