My 2020 Bitcoin Price Prediction ?

Last year, my 2019 Bitcoin price prediction video was seen as “controversial”. I think it held up pretty well. In THIS video I give my prediction and reasoning as to …


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  1. Honestly expect a 15-30k this year. Don't think we will see parabolic until 2021. The FOMO is going to be wild when it happens though. The most interesting thing to observe will be BTC correlation with traditional markets.

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  4. There are many researches about other alt coins where it costs much less electricity or the speed that are faster than bitcoin. Yes bitcoin is historical and the biggest coin price held in crypto market, but there has to be an alt coin better efficiency and comparability to the real world.

  5. Think the second scenario might be more likely, a slow grind higher during 2020 with a break of the ATH near november. Then the real mania will begin – 100+K before end of 2021 IMO.

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