MUST WATCH: 3 Reasons Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]

Hello Crypto Community! Let’s talk about the latest Ethereum. Things get real!! Today I want to talk about: BitMEX CEO Calls Ethereum a Shitcoin, Says Ether …


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  1. What can you expect from a person who just want to make profit. He is bluffing for simple thing. To increase the trading of ETH on his stock. It is similar at the pharmaceutical mafia. They don't want to cure the people, because there wouldn't be any job for them. This is the same. The decreased trading on the stock means less profit for bitmex, so a bluff will spin-off a the trade.

  2. $1,000,000.00 BITCOIN COMING SOON.
    620 DAYS.
    Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown. Google it.
    Just a friendly reminder for the NEWBS.
    When you sell your bitcoin, you are selling it to a whale, or even worse, A BANKSTER.
    Never before in the world of finance has a predetermined event of this magnitude happened. It could be the GREATEST FINANCIAL EVENT EVER TO TAKE PLACE.
    A Known/Known event.
    The WHALES know this and are getting coin cheap right now. Organized theft from weak hands.
    Don't sell your bitcoin cheap.

  3. Ethereum is great and will have a long, it will moon for sure but ERC20 is limited. New ERC777 is really amazing IMO ! The future standard for sure. Check CALL token by GlobalCryptoAlliance (the first ERC777 token :, which brings all new erc777 features : high scalability, high security, very low fees, operating bots, etc… This is really GREAT ! ERC777 is the future !

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  5. If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? I have been watching XFC recently, especially the FTO. Many people are now looking for stable and transparent projects and their coins. I also, that's why I became interested in the FTO. They are new, at the beginning of the road, but BTC used to be one too in the past.

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