MUELLER REPORT REVEALED: ? Bitcoin Used By Politicians Since 2016! ? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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  1. Thanks for the interesting news. If government agencies find a used for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that there are hundreds of thousands of other cases that could use it. This is another step toward adoption. They don't know about it and they're already using it.

  2. Was the 25 million spent worth it; or just another diversion perhaps by parties guilty to run this egg hunt? So, a certain party agrees on a federal prosecutor that has plenty data collection(s) experience to not agree with the finality? This may go on forever… with the cost to boot. Sure people went to jail/prison that had weak hands having nothing to do with Russian's, which the majority of government actors would have done time as well if an intent on building wins to media had no prize.

  3. "Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come" – Victor Hugo .

    We will sooner or later smash through to mass adoption. Time to load up on good cryptos for life changing wealth.

  4. Hahahaha It's to easy to fool you guys, now it's Crypto and the Russians, this is MSM news. Nobody talking about the billions coming from zionist organisations from Israel but it's all Russia.

  5. THE CROOKS ARE INVOLVED HEAVILY…we have been manipulated by governments…and BIG BANKS…why not today…what do they keep saying..when everyone says it is going up….WAIT…and buy cheap…evereyone says it is going to the moon next week….WATCH OUT

  6. i dont wish u a happy easter, because if u believe in darpa cnn anti god fake news, then u should not even be celebrating easter .

  7. Informative, my first on the Mueller report. Interesting how Bitcoin was used to reveal its use by the Russians. Sometime help me understand private coins and how they would not be used by criminals. Hit the likes and subscribe guys. I do always. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

  8. Cashless society has always been the goal of the technocratic elites. In the future through crypto every transaction will be monitored. No more cash-taxless person to person transactions. Privacy coins already coming under scrutiny.

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