Morgan Stanley Invests in Security Token Startup Securitize

Morgan Stanley Invests in Security Token Startup Securitize

Securitize is going to build a crypto marketplace for trading digital securities.

San Francisco-based blockchain firm Securitize has raised $48 million in a Series B funding round. Morgan Stanley led the funding for Securitize drive alongside the largest investor in the Series A funding round, Blockchain Capital.

Recall that Blockchain Capital led the Series A funding round alongside Xpring Fund and Coinbase Ventures, and raised $12.75 million. This was used to expand operations into Latin America and the Asia Pacific, as well as build an engineering team.

Interestingly, the new venture capital investment is Morgan Stanley’s first investment foray into the blockchain ecosystem. The deal will see Pedro Teixeria, co-head of Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing, join Securitize’s board of directors. Teixeria believes the investment is proof- positive of Morgan Stanley’s ability to think ahead of the curve and make long-term investments that will benefit its partners. He claims the investment signals their belief in the growth of digital assets and the adoption of the same.

It is worthy of note that the development comes as the San Francisco firm looks to develop a crypto marketplace, Securitize Markets, for trading digital securities. The market, when launched, will provide liquidity for private capital holdings; allowing investors to trade closely held assets. According to Carlos Domingo, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Securitize, such a platform boasts great potential and could very well be the future of finance.

Such a convergence as this formed by Morgan Stanley and Securitize suggests that Wall Street is slowly embracing the use of digital assets as securities even as the blockchain technology backing it continues to grow.

About Securitize

Established in 2017, Securitize helps private companies leverage the power of digital assets to raise funds. The firm reports that up to 150 corporations have benefited from its blockchain-based platform, with investors reaching about 300,000. The firm also has a subsidiary that manages assets and offers Bitcoin and USDC yield funds. The crypto yield funds expose accredited and institutional investors to digital assets- cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.

The Series B funding drive brings the blockchain firm’s total funding to $87.5 million setting the company on course to be the leader in digital assets securities.

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