MILLIONAIRE Admitting He Is Buying $160,000 Worth Of BITCOIN & ETH EVERY MONTH! cryptocurrency news

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  1. Timestamps: ?
    0:49 – What is this interview?
    2:03 – You are a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE! WHY are you still buying?
    3:51 – What advice do you have for NEW PEOPLE who might be SCARED with all of this volatility?
    5:21 – When Bitcoin’s price goes up does it even make you happy? HOW does it make you happy?
    7:37 – Some of my thoughts
    8:11 – Should I buy Bitcoin now? [Asked in 2019]
    9:42 – End

  2. A millionaire that thinks bitcoin will or should move to proof of stake rather than proof of work ?‍♂️
    Proof of work is one of the very strong components of giving bitcoin “hard money” status. The energy expenditure is a feature not a bug. It’s an essential part of the reason that bitcoin is strong store of value.

  3. Lolz I'll tell you guys a secret… the PETRO DOLLAR is in a room called ICU (Intensive Care Unit) … they are keeping it breathing… but it actually died long time ago lolz…. its just a matter of time they will pull the Plug.

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