Microsoft Just Released the Cryptocurrency Bulls! ? | EOS In Trouble | Ethereum News for YOU

Microsoft’s blockchain-enabled cloud service Microsoft Azure announced new tokenization and blockchain data management services. Plus ETHEREUM HARD …


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  1. Globalist douchebag MS left out the part that they are surveilling you and will report every move you make to The Man. Everybody remember this when your crappy Windows product updates or crashes on you this week. Like always.

  2. So, if EOS wasn’t functioning and still being developed it would get a higher rating? Month to month ratings are silly, when these are developing projects

  3. Why would somebody ever rely on the scammers of Microsoft? They are trying to take advantage of their users since 30 years. They are luring you into their free service and as soon as you are depending on it, they start to ask money or say the service has stopped and you have to buy from expensive 3rd party where they are affilated with. I would never want to be depending on MS and I guess 90% of the ppl are thinking same!

  4. Hate to say it but we’re headed back to 3500 imo. Been too long at 7500 . Similar thing to last year when it hung out at 6 k for a while. It’s probably going to hang between 3 k and 10 k for a couple of years. The halvening won’t boost the price. But hey what would I know.

  5. Eth 2.0 pos multi client test net is already live. I think you mean phase 2 will come in 2021 but pos will come in the next several months.

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  7. EOS was obvious garbage right from the start. Not only did they have a laughably small number of 21 "block producers" (a.k.a nodes) but anyone wishing to get PERMISSION to run one (yes, you heard that right) had to provide their full information comparable to getting a securities listing (i.e. names, addresses, DNA of spouses, etc…). How censorship-resistant can you possibly be when the government has your node/miner ADDRESSES in the event they want to apply some coercion?

  8. Let's go ENJ!!!
    Always thought EOS's time in the spotlight was due to diminish. We'll see better tech and more adoptable platforms take their places over the next few years…I'm looking at Centrality, POlkadot, Hedera Hashgraph.

  9. Seems to me the whole point of crypto is decentralization. Centralization creates a single point of failure. The servers that run a central blockchain go down, the entire cryptocurrency goes with it.

    Example: a new currency called duino coin is built with the idea in mind that people can mine it using arduino. It is centralized. Its server providers have been down for quite a bit because of phishing issues.

    Decentralization is a must.

  10. Your channel is named ALTCOIN Daily. Yet covering this topic yiu failed to mention Enjin which is the base technology for Azure Heroes?! Why I ask?? This is ridiculous.

  11. What are some exchanges that brasilians can use to buy and cashout? I have freinds that want to buy and I would like to help them get involved

  12. EOS is a rip-off – a massive money grab. Got out early. Dan Larimer is a con artist who keeps pulling off high level cons, e.g Steem, BitShares. All centralised, all failing

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