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Merkle Science, a predictive blockchain monitoring and investigative platform, today announced that it has introduced support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) to its transaction monitoring coverage.

From today, Merkle Science customers will be able to use the platform’s Blockchain Monitor tool; a behavior-based transaction monitoring and risk reporting solution which allows users to easily identify and respond immediately to suspicious transactions, without relying on backward-facing blacklists.

The Merkle Science tool is customizable and enables users to easily fulfill their compliance requirements with regulators. This compliance is a competitive advantage for managing and reducing the risks of fines and sanctions; as well as driving growth and expansion across geographies and business lines.

“We see our role in the ecosystem as building the infrastructure needed to ensure that anyone can transact with crypto safely, and so that the innovators, the builders, and disruptors in the ecosystem can focus on what they do best; scaling and growing their businesses. By adding BSV to Merkle Science’s coin coverage, we are ensuring the safety of those transacting and building on Bitcoin SV and supporting the healthy and sustainable growth of the protocol.”
– Merkle Science Co-Founder and CEO, Mriganka Pattnai

Merkle Science is a predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform.

Founded in 2018, Merkle Science is an established and trusted component of the blockchain ecosystem. Crypto businesses, financial institutions, and government entities rely on Merkle Science to detect, investigate and prevent illegal activity.

“In the BSV ecosystem, we place significant emphasis on security and regulatory compliance; as they are key elements for the mainstream growth of digital assets. Services like Merkle Science play a crucial role in providing the tools and infrastructure necessary to ensure that digital asset users remain honest; instilling confidence in businesses, end-users, and regulators alike. We are pleased that Merkle Science has added BSV support; and will be another compliance tool available for business users of the BSV network.”
Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen

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