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  1. Quite disappointing considering how much I enjoy the vast majority of your coverage.If your allowing your own personal bias to exclude ETN when it is the only KYC/AML coin out there with 2.5 million active wallet users.I am also bullish on pundi but when you look at who is running their project like a corporation with huge incentives for users and merchants alike to seriously consider them.No one gets closer to that than ETN.

  2. Bitcoin and Litecoin work well together with Litecoins faster transactions speeds enhancing the use case for Bitcoin and vice versa.

    An example of this is encrypted mobile sms payments for Litecoin, for those without internet connection via Swiss based Zulu Republic. The Telegram messenger app is also going to be used in the same way – atomic swops should enable Bitcoin to take advantage of this Litecoin use case in the future!

  3. For those of us in the US, it's not so simple. That's because crypto has been classified as an asset, not a currency. So we owe either short term or long term capital gain's tax on every purchase that uses crypto, because it is considered we sold the asset to buy the item. Apart from the additional tax of at least 20%, there is the bookkeeping and tax preparation nightmare. So Americans have extra incentive to only hold crypto as an investment.

    That said, if a crypto is going to catch on as a currency (driven outside the US first, then perhaps pulling the US govt in and causing them to change the classification or create a new classification for it) I think either NANO or DASH would be the ones. I say this based on what I've seen in Venezuela as their currency collapses. They use those two and BTC. But I think BTC is going to be digital gold to too many people for too long and will be surpassed as an actual currency before that has a chance to change.

  4. I think it will be interesting to see what happens with crypto in esports. Also, the whole reason I took another look at bitcoin recently was because I found out I could save up to 70cents per 1oz coin of silver on APMEX and probably on other sites too. I take that as a sign.

  5. Square taxes bitcoin way too much tho it’s not a good service now and unless they make this cheap it’s not going to be a game changer no one wants to pay more than free all these companies are missing the point and are jumping to make huge profits and that’s not the promise of crypto no are third parties period so don’t get your hopes up with these companies it simply will not move the needle till they can beat PayPal in price and efficiency and so far cash can’t do that even for usd transfers. Which is why PayPal is still number 1 Venmo might be second cause of its security. Square and pundi might need to join forces and lower the third party fees to zero. Then they may have a chance.

  6. You really need to mention ETN, they are well advanced into there aim to provide crypto services to the mobile telecoms industry, including solving several issues that many projects haven’t even considered. They even have a patent (pending) and working product for instant crypto payments!

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  8. That EOS article smelt like a hit piece from the get go. Serious Problems that arise on the EOS blockchain can be brainstormed and solved on the fly via cooperation of some of or all of the 21 block producers – groups from all over the world with different perspectives and skill sets. How did they test that in their model? EOS can morf and change like the liquid robot in "Terminator 2". EOS has a lot to offer and looks like growing next year and beyond. That's more than you can say for some other coins here today. I think Ethereum are running scared. Take my word for it after years of stressing over handling ethereum – transaction times and gas fees, long QR code addresses, dealing with EOS is way ahead – simplified and just works fee free everytime, in less than a second. this is the standard going forward to mass adoption. I wondered how can I make so much money day trading awaiting the next Bull Run, then I made little researches not until I got to meet him on his seminal in Vancouver, we did little trades from 5000 to 10,000 and it was worth it, because I made 75K in just a week, isn’t that amazing? Ask me how? Hard work and consistency, I never stopped till I found Mr. Adams, and this has changed my life for good, BTC to the moon?, For those traders and Holders like me, you all can still take advantage of this opportunity, You can send him request on for help, Thanks to Blockchain Tech!

  9. We all know that Oct-Dec are the Best months in the History of Bitcoin, its about that Time of the year where Bitcoin gets to Sky Rocket, so many people are ignorant, they are staying on the sideline, waiting for a move up and the right time to get in. I suspect that the rise will happen in a very short period of time, leaving those waiters behind and their reaction will push the price even higher, so that they will end up under water when btc is consolidating, I know the price will speed up more, then bleed off and have an extended winter and actually go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, All we need to do is invest what we’re Holding and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, I discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to Crypto Genius and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having 3.4BTC to 16BTC So i contacted him, Behold I have made 13Btc in less than one month with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *Email/hangout/whatsApp +1-518-351-9039,( cryptoggenius@ Gmail )and thank me later

  10. Dunno man, about world-wide adaption it will take years if not decades.I live in one of the biggest town in my country and hardly anyone heard of btc, let alone having btc automats…nah i have never seen those.We dont even have Starbucks, not that its that important but shows how tought it will be for under – developed regions to adjust.Wish i was much more optimistic but im really not.

  11. Dude, tokenpay is going to be the biggest with crypto adoption!! How can you not have them in your top 3…. go do some research. Follow their Twitter and telegram and you will be shocked with what they are up to!!!

  12. you have to be a pre registered applicant to order a pundix pos . cant just log on and buy one (i would grab one now if i could). As a licencee and restaurant-er pos is the biggest barrier i can see to mass adoption atm. I am eager to employ a tool (at my restaurants) that can accept multiple cryptos at the point of sale. (waiting around for consensus and typing lengthy addresses does not cut it at the point of sale).

  13. I’ll never support any crypto endeavor pursued by Jack Dorsey or Starcucks. Id rather support PundiX and other BTC startups. Big Tech Big Brother is the enemy of decentralization and is one of the reasons I philosophically align with crypto and it’s cypher punk genesis.

    Lose sight of this at your peril normies.

  14. Altcoin Daily. Once others invite the entire market, we are screwed. If you champion ETFs, the market will do the same as Gold or Silver ETFs as paper assets. My point, BTC will have above paper assets greater than the supply. Simple put, an ETF will creat greater paper than there is BTC. If we have saturation now, just really use your head when ETFs come into the game. Also recall, those that may get into the ETFs, DO not own the keys. I ose to like you content, yet logically is not sound. Sure, lets get all government in to make legit and lose the init purpose for some that cannot wait for organic BTC growth.

  15. "The problem is nobody spends crypto" I disagree. I don't see a single worthy team in the space slowing down development (Lightning network, Pay over SMS etc.) just because people hold crypto right now. The space just isn't mature enough right now and we're only just starting to see adoption among merchants. I see technical advancements coming to fruition. I'll be happy to spend my profits when the next bullmarket occurs and the means to do it are in place. Reality is, they still aren't widespread at the moment.

  16. If KALA ever makes it to market and gives out debit cards you can use anywhere they will be huge. Unfortunately they seem bent on letting someone else beat them to market. Nui Social, Mintage Mining and KALA make me feel like I purchased a ride in the clown car!

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