Mark Cuban Reveals TRUE POTENTIAL of Cryptocurrency in 2020 | Does Mark Cuban Own Bitcoin?

Mark Cuban debates Kevin O’Leary on the value of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in 2020. But, does Mark Cuban own Bitcoin?? Altcoin Daily gives YOU big news …


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  2. 2:30 God, that's the case with so many scummy rich people. Only target is money money money money now now now now, and can't see the potential in huge projects supressed by lack of funding

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  4. Mark cuban flip flops so much on Blockchain. He sees the value in it for sure but I feel like he doesn't think it will grow much more in marketcap. It does make me worry but ultimately I do believe bcrypto and block chain's marketcap will reach much higher highs.

  5. The US Dollar has nothing backing it except the Federal Govt… So like I said the US Dollar has nothing of value backing it. The US Govt is technically bankrupt…

  6. Michael Saylor makes Mark Cuban sound like a 1st grader – Cuban is in over his head in life, and no one ever told him. His empire will end when Bitcoin is widely adopted – and it will be! EDIT: Cuban once said Bitcoin will get hacked, but in the video explains why blockchain auditing is superior to traditional accounting. Can't have it both ways buddy!

  7. Can imagine Cuban telling his basketball players not to invest in Bitcoin – they listen – years later a cousin who worked a normal job and invested in Bitcoin is worth more – players remember Cuban told them a falsehood and hate him.

  8. But you know what if old heads like Kevin O'Leary or Warren Buffett come out and would say something like " I was wrong about crypto", I would respect that more than somebody who is misleading their following by stubbornly pushing on their wrong assumptions about it. Old heads gotta learn to adapt and be more forward thinking.

  9. Decentral is the only way to go!!! We will find ways to index the blockchain ledger more efficiently. We need to keep everyone honest and keep the real cryptos out of the hands of a few corporate titans.

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