Mark Cuban: “If Cardano (ADA) Was A Shark Tank Company I Would…”

What does Mark Cuban think about Cardano? Does Cardano have a future? Today we talk w/ billionaire Mark Cuban to discuss …


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  1. Sound like mark owns a large percentage of doge and it sounds like they are converting doge to an EUTXO to support smart contracts and Cardano is competition.

  2. Why do you guys give so much credence to this guy just because he is a billionaire , no disrespect to him and I’m sure he made great moves in his life to get him to where he is but cardanno and Doge in the same sentence is a disrespect to cardanno and the overall ecosystem in general , Doge is a joke

  3. These guys are too scared to challenge Cuban and disagree with him, they just agreed passively the entire time kissing his ass, sad…..

  4. Isn't this the same bloke that was shilling Iron Titanium coin? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was!
    I wonder how Titanium is doing now?? LoL

  5. You guys gotta stop just nodding and laughing along with these idiots just because you're too scared of appearing rude to a famous person that gave you an interview. Grow some balls, and start calling out the bullshit.

  6. Think about the politics… Mark is a flaming liberal, anti gun, pro government, etc etc… While Charles is 100% the exact opposite.. Their personalities clash and there is some dislike there.

  7. Even though he is a billionaire , I realized he has zero knowledge on blockchain tech when comparing doge with cardano, he is biased , don’t listen to these people, just diversify your portfolio

    my biggest bags, BTC, ETH, ADA, LINK, MATIC, AVAX,NEAR,..etc

  8. Who gives a shit about Mark Cuban? Cardano doesn't need him. it's decentralized blockchain. You twin doesn't have a quality video anymore, Mark Cuban is a goner and getting older, blindsided.

  9. He is trying to say its a ghost chain, in a nice way. He needs to dive in to know more about cardano. Btw, he is involved with axie infinity.

  10. The 3 stooges. 🤡 Wait til these Eth maxis fully understand slashing with their flawed staking system. There's a maxi named Haseeb Qureshi on Twitter with 67k followers. Cardano users explained true liquid staking to him and it just couldn't penetrate his skull. With most Eth users all they know is bonding, lockup periods and slashing, this guy couldn't understand that it's just not required in Cardano. Also you can send multiple transactions inside 1 transaction. I can't take someone who was dumb enough to get rug pulled on an obvious scam seriously. I don't care how rich they are.

  11. Lets see Cuban track record shall we?
    Iron finance ponzi participant – Rekt
    Voyager investor – rekt
    Didn't sell his ETH/MATIC before the bottom – neither did I, but in retrospect I should have, but I'm not super duper investor Mark Cuban so he should've known better, right?
    Says shit about Cardano, main argument is factually incorrect and can be debunked on 15 seconds on Messari 🤦

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